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Flowers for Men at Valentines

Published on: Feb 08

Valentines Day is so traditionally wrapped up with the giving of flowers, but why should it always be women that receive such gifts of love?

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To rose or not to rose...

Published on: Feb 04

As the most romantic day of the year looms, we look at the choices available for Valentine's Day flowers.

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Message ideas for your Valentines bouquets

Published on: Feb 02

When you place your order for flowers, you will be given the chance to include a message. Don't be forced to think of something on the spot! Here's some inspiration to get you started...

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Questions to ask your Wedding Florist

Published on: Jan 29

Your wedding florist is a key supplier; their style and your compatibility as a team has a big impact on your big day. To throw our hat in the ring, here's our answers to a few common questions.

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Flowers to Banish the Winter Blues

Published on: Jan 23

Whilst it is fair to say that the winter months can make people feel a little low, we thought it was time to fight back with flowers! A natural and healthful moderator of moods...

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