The Wonderful World of Plants

Any Insta-addict or Pinterest obsessive will know that interiors filled with plants dominated 2017. The striking and pared-back Scandinavian colour palette of white, wood and leafy green shows no sign of falling out of fashion.

Plants have been flying off our spectacular plant wall as our creative customers tap into this influential trend.

But what is it about plants that make them so popular?

They’re good for you…

Scientific studies have shown that certain plants improve air quality and concentration. Trailing Philodendron from a hanging planter could help to absorb the toxins that are emitted from everyday items, such as cleaning products, carpets, upholstery and paint. This beauty is also one of the toughest and most dependable houseplants, making it extremely popular. Aloe Vera is another one that boasts a broad range of natural health properties, yet is easy to care for, so ideal for someone new to gardening.

You can bring your garden inside…

With more and more of us living in flats or houses with smaller outdoor spaces, plants are a great way to bring some leafy, greenery goodness into your home. Livistona is an elegant, indoor palm with leaves that form an almost perfect circle. Adding a tropical touch, new leaves constantly form from the heart of the plant and are available in varying heights from 30cm as a desk plant to a 2m showpiece with bags of personality.

If it’s impact you’re after, the Monstera is a good choice and ideal for a conservatory or large rooms. This stunning houseplant has lush green, glossy leaves that form in a heart shape and then split as it matures – a mainstay of current interior design.

They’re easy to look after…

If you don’t quite have the ‘green fingers’ of Monty Don, a house plant is a great way to ease yourself into gardening. Succulents require little watering, pruning, or natural light – practically indestructible they’re ideal for beginners. Or you may want to try tending to a highly sought after Pilea, aka Chinese Money Plant, which is equally kind to the novice botanist, rewarding you with a uniquely beautiful display.

They’re beautiful…

Plants have a rich variety of colour and texture; from a dark bottle green to a shimmery silver green; or from smooth and glossy to prickly and textured. The Ficus lyrata, commonly called the fiddle-leaf fig, is a perfect example. With large, heavily veined, and violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a tall plant it is very fashionable and has been hailed as 'the' plant of the decade.

There is a plant out there for everybody, no matter how much space you have or how competent a gardener you are. Visit The Flower Lounge to discover the perfect plant for you.

*Coming soon* Our plants are growing…watch this space for our exciting new plant collection available to purchase through our online shop.

The Wonderful World of Plants