A sweet treat from Yolk

This month’s guest blog comes from one of our very best, wedding friends…Yolk. I’ve had the privilege of working with Laura on numerous weddings, and we especially love it when a bride asks us to join forces to create a stunning cake with beautiful, floral decoration that ties into their overall wedding decoration theme.

In this blog, Laura explains how flowers can enhance the impact of a wedding cake, making it a stunning part of your wedding decoration.

Over to Laura…

Flowers are an excellent addition to any wedding cake, they can really tie everything together. When I am adding flowers to a cake, I like to look at the bouquet, or table arrangements and create a similar aesthetic for the cake. As with styles of flower arrangements, there are also many ways to dress a cake. Below are some of my favourite techniques to use flowers and foliage in my designs, which I hope all you brides to be can draw inspiration from.

Dried flowers and grasses

I absolutely adore grasses, my garden is packed full of them and I love incorporating them into my cake designs as well. They give such a lovely delicate movement to a cake or a floral arrangement. I also love using dried flowers in my designs, as I love the way flowers come to life again in a totally transformed state as delicate, wafer thin skeletons of their previous incarnations.


More is More

I love creating wedding cake ‘separates’ - so rather than having a tiered cake, having lots of smaller cakes. It creates an informal, yet eye-catching display. It also means that you can have more flowers, more foliage, and more cake!


Going full floral

I get to work with so many fantastic florists, who provide me with such wonderful blooms, it is a real joy to get my teeth stuck into a full-on floral design. Big blowsy roses, trailing jasmine, velvety dahlias, all unashamedly bold and feminine. This can be great if you are having simple room decoration, but with a big bold bouquet and a cake to match.


Keeping it green and simple

I have had so many couples this year, who have just opted for a colour palette featuring lots of greenery, with maybe a few pops of colour here and there, and their cakes have reflected this same simple, elegant style. With a touch of gold leaf, this classic decoration can be boosted to the next level, creating a timeless, elegant look.


Fab! I hope this has provided some food for thought for our potential brides. And FYI, Yolk make cakes for every occasion, not just weddings, and have supplied many a sweet treat for our own events!

For more information, visit cakesbyyolk.com or follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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A sweet treat from Yolk