Your Festive Guide to buying Fresh Flowers this Christmas

In my humble opinion, there is nothing better than being greeted by the warm and welcoming scent of fresh flowers and foliage when you come home. Especially around the festive season. When it’s cold outside, there is something so comforting, cosy and Christmassy about returning home to a room filled with the scent of pine, fir and spruce.

We know a lot of our customers feel the same way, as now is the time we start to receive orders for our fresh Christmas wreaths, garlands, table centres and bouquets, all designed to make your home look and smell fabulous this Christmas. However, it can be confusing knowing what to order and when, especially as different flowers and plants peak at different times and require different types of care. So, in the interest of making this Christmas one of the sweetest smelling ones in your home, I’ve come up with a Festive Fresh Flower Guide, explaining when to buy certain plants and arrangements, how to care for them, and where they will thrive in your home so they can all look their very best come the big day.

Four weeks to go…

Time to start thinking about picking up a wonderfully festive Christmas Door Wreath. To make your wreath look as fresh on 25th December as it did on 1st December, mist regularly with water and, if needed, top up with fresh winter foliage from your garden to replace any dead or wilting leaves.

Poinsettias are the classic, festive plant that make unused nooks and crannies look bright and cheerful. Miniatures can look delightful on book shelves or you could create a display in your hallway with poinsettias of various sizes. We have a great selection of modern pots and containers to keep this classic plant looking stylish and contemporary. Keep poinsettias away from drafts and heat sources, and water only when the pot becomes lightweight or when the soil becomes dry to the touch, around once a week. Water the plant thoroughly in a sink, letting it drain, before putting it back where it was. If cared for correctly, your poinsettia could last well into the New Year, anywhere from four to six weeks.

In fact, most plants are a very practical option if you are looking for fresh, festive decoration that will last throughout December and still look great for your New Year’s Day buffet. While every plant has its own care instructions, the general rule of thumb is to water at least once a week, feed with appropriate plant food every couple of weeks and keep away from any extreme heat, draft or light sources. We’ll happily give you specific care advice on any plants that catch your eye. As well as festive decoration, they also make perfect gifts for hosts, teachers, childminders, dog walkers or anyone else you need to thank!

Three weeks to go…

New for 2018 are our gorgeous and novel living baubles, adorned with vibrant red roses or stylish succulents. Succulents are very tolerant, looking just as good on Christmas Day provided they are looked after as you would with any other houseplant. Allow the top of the soil to go dry between waterings, and water at the base of each plant using a thimble of water or spray bottle. Roses are more delicate, looking their best hung from your Christmas tree from the first few days of purchase, however, as the bauble is re-usable, the flower head can be easily replaced with any winter blooms you have in your garden.

Some of our table centre arrangements are displayed in foam, so with a good regular soaking should last well, easily three to four weeks, perfect for seasonal entertaining on either side of Christmas Day. On others we’ve gone foam free, in our pledge to reduce the amount of plastic we use. The table centres used in our plastic free arrangements use a willow base and we would recommend collecting these as near to Christmas Day as possible to see them at their very best. However, because we use the freshest foliage and condition our arrangements thoroughly before they are assembled, with regular misting, these displays should last at least a couple of weeks. Keep in a cool place such as a cellar or garage when not in use. You also need to take extra care if you are featuring candles in your festive arrangements, only light these when entertaining, as the heat will dry out the arrangement causing it to wilt prematurely.

Two weeks to go…

Garlands are more delicate, and I would recommend purchasing these show-stopping decorations just two weeks before Christmas. They require generous misting every one to two days. And, if you have a particularly dry home, I would recommend adding a humidifier near your display to keep it moist. If you’re planning on wowing guests and putting your garland above a working fireplace, it may be better to save your purchase until the week before Christmas, to ensure it looks its best. The same will apply if you are planning on featuring candles in your garland display. Light these only when entertaining and as close to the big day as possible.

One week to go…

All of our bouquets use the freshest seasonal flowers and are conditioned to last as long as possible. This means they are usually looking their best for up to seven days if not 14, depending on the flowers and foliage you choose! To make your bouquets last that bit longer remove wilting stems or break down the bouquet into smaller vases towards the end of its life. Keep leaves out of the water, change the water every few days and use the food supplied to keep them at their best. To present them as a gift, we recommend ordering early but collecting as close to Christmas as possible so your recipient can enjoy for the maximum length of time. Berries such as white hypericum or Ilex thistle and amaryllis make good choices for long-lasting displays.

If you already know what fresh, festive foliage you will be purchasing this year, we would recommend you order now. There is always a rush of requests before Christmas, and by ordering early, we can guarantee your choice of seasonal flowers and foliage, and your order will be ready for collection at the optimum time, ensuring you get to enjoy your arrangement for as long as possible. Visit us in store or give us a call on 0161 446 2556 for further help, advice and inspiration.


Your Festive Guide to buying Fresh Flowers this Christmas