2019 Floral Wedding Trends

I love the New Year, it’s an opportunity to forget about the old and embrace the new. While I adored the wedding trends we saw emerge in 2018, and I’m sure some of them – floral chandeliers and plant arrangements particularly - will be here to stay for a while; I’m now ready for a change! Something fresh and exciting, that will wow couples and guests at weddings throughout the year.

So, to help my lovely 2019 bride and grooms decide which trends they’ll be embracing for their own big day, I’ve compiled a hot-list below, with some gorgeous pictures to inspire you. 2019 is set for some amazing wedding florals!

Pantone colour of the year…

Always a trend-setter, this year’s colour is called ‘Living Coral’ and it is a beautiful shade of pinky/orange. This is a perfect, sunny option for a Summer wedding, but it also works really well in an unexpected and sophisticated palette of colours such as rust, burgundy and blush. You can see an example of a bouquet I created in this palette using gorgeous, coral Romantic Antike roses. Simply stunning and perfect for any season.

Eco-conscious and ethical weddings

Something I’ve been passionate about for a long time; 2019 will see wedding couples embrace the provenance of their wedding flowers - choosing florals that are farmed in an ethically conscious way or looking at how to reduce the use of unnecessary plastic and packaging. At The Flower Lounge we made a commitment to drastically reduce our use of plastic last year, and from 2019 we deliver bouquets in glass vases with a return and reuse incentive. Wherever possible, we also create foam free floral creations – all our Christmas workshops used twine and straw bases. We source our flowers as locally as possible, by buying in season and using ethical suppliers such as Carol’s Garden and The Irish Green Guys. It’s good to be able to reassure our couples that they are doing their bit for the environment, even on their big day!

Banquet tables with low florals

This trend has been creeping in for a while, a move away from traditional round tables with tall, floral centrepieces to banquet style seating with low, floral arrangements trailing across the centre of the table. It works so well if you’re serving sharing platters as, guests can see each other and talk without any obstructions, but the floral arrangements can still be enjoyed by all.


Beautiful, dramatic, whimsical and textured. I’ve been using dried and fresh grasses in my bouquets for a long time. But, this year, I think grasses will be uber-popular. They tie in beautifully with a natural or wild, bohemian aesthetic, they are sustainably grown and sourced, and are available all year round.

Floral Installations

Blame it on Meghan Markle, but I’ve had more than a few requests for flower walls since she tied the knot with Prince Harry. And I can understand why! Floral installations such as flower walls, chandeliers and arches can be an amazing, dramatic focal point of your wedding and will look incredible in photos.. Many couples are choosing to focus their floral budget on large, impressive pieces rather than lots of small arrangements. This works particularly well in larger venues wheresmall arrangements can be lost, unlike an entire wall made of flowers which your guests will be sure to remember!!

My bouquet predication

Lots of brides, at their consultation, will tell me their favourite flower and ask how it can be incorporated into their displays. A wonderful way to really highlight a bride (or groom’s) favourite flower is to showcase just one flower in your wedding bouquet. Controversial, I know! But hear me out. By having fewer or even one large, bold bloom in the centre of your display, surrounded by mixed foliage, will maintain a lot of depth and texture, creating an unusual, stylish and contemporary bouquet that celebrates something you really love.

For more inspiration, ideas and examples of looks I’ve created visit Flower Lounge’s Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages. And when you’re ready to start thinking about choosing your wedding florist we’d love to hear from you.

2019 Floral Wedding Trends