Loves me: Loves me not – 3 reasons why florist flowers are better!

07 February 2019

Our ‘Love me; Love me not’ Valentine’s window was revealed last week, a light-hearted take on the difference between a bouquet lovingly designed by a florist vs a quick bunch of flowers grabbed from the supermarket or god forbid, the garage! We hope that, based on looks, quality and floral creativity, The Flower Lounge bouquet wins hands down! It will be interesting to see which one wilts first too.

We recognise there’s a place for both, but when it comes to the most romantic day of the year, or indeed any special occasion or gesture of love or gratitude, which will convey the message you want? And, this Valentine’s Day, which will genuinely say ‘I love you’ to that special person in your life?


Loves me!

A bouquet from a florist contains the highest quality flowers, chosen specifically by the florist for their appearance, aroma and quality. There is a myth amongst consumers that the price gap between florists and supermarkets is down to the latter being able to order in bulk. Not true. While it does account for a slight price reduction, it’s the quality of flowers that florists choose that accounts for the difference. The flowers we source are from some of the best suppliers who grow in the freshest fields and take the finest care of their blooms from seedling to delivery. Once they arrive at the shop, they are professionally conditioned so they will last longer than the average supermarket bouquet. Take a look at the beautiful Freedom Rose, stealing the limelight from the supermarket equivalent. Even one of these roses, beautifully wrapped, says more than a bouquet you buy alongside your milk and eggs...

Loves me not!

Flowers from the supermarket are kept right next to the fresh fruit and vegetables section, which, if any of you remember my top tips for making fresh cut flowers last longer blog, will release ethanol, which destroys flowers. Not exactly ideal! And, when you buy your bouquet, you won’t be served by a professional florist who can tell you how to care for the specific flowers you’ve bought, such as our beautiful White Rose and Hydrangea Hand Tied Bouquet, where the hydrangea stems need to be snipped in the shape of a cross to absorb maximum water.


Loves me!

Choosing a bouquet from a florist is like having a personal stylist on hand to ensure the lucky recipient receives something insta worthy. We can help with what colours look great together, what foliage enhances the blooms you’ve chosen, and we can incorporate flowers that have a symbolic meaning or have sentimental value. Our ‘Dozen Luxury Red Roses’ bouquet is the perfect example. Made with long stemmed, large-headed Freedom or red Naomi roses, interspersed with hypericum, rolled aspidistra, eucalyptus and fresh green foliage, this selection epitomises Valentine’s Day.

Loves me not!

Uninspired supermarket arrangements wrapped in plastic. This doesn’t exactly scream your love and devotion! Not to mention the limited flowers available or the fact you can’t mix and match the flowers of your choice. We like choice!!


Ethical choice

Loves me!

When you buy from a florist you are supporting a local business that is helping your local community to thrive. As The Flower Lounge is a local business, we offer local delivery too, meaning we can surprise your loved one at home or at work, with an unexpected and beautiful bouquet. One of our most special and romantic gifts, is our Flowers for a Year, where we deliver a bouquet every month to your loved one for a year. Purchase 10 bouquets for £35.00 each, receive two bouquets free and only ever pay one delivery charge within the M20 postcode area as an additional perk.

Loves me not!

Supermarkets buy in bulk, which drives the price of flowers down considerably, but at what cost? The Flower Lounge buys from local suppliers and only the freshest blooms that are in season reducing the environmental impacts of shipping large quantities of flowers, all that packaging and the waste involved in buying such high volumes of stock. The Flower Lounge is also committed to massively reducing the amount of plastic we use, bouquets are hand-tied with string and paper. And we don’t use foam in any of our arrangements or displays, or carry any plastic carrier bags, something that cannot be said for supermarkets.

If you want to wow someone this Valentine’s day and give them a bouquet that shows just how much you care then please, go for the creative, inspired and ethical choice…choose The Flower Lounge. Check out our online shop, where you can pre-order your Valentine’s bouquet and have it delivered, or visit us in store where we can create something beautifully bespoke for the special person in your life.