Interior Botanical Trends: Decorating with Plants

As the trend for houseplants shows no sign of abating in 2019, I thought I’d call in the expertise of my friend, the uber-talented and jack-of-all-trades, Sian Astley. Lady builder, TV presenter, interior designer, property renovator, landlord, and author of the amazing Moregeous blog, we asked her to share some expert advice on how to run this trend for interior greenery through your home without it beginning to look like a garden centre.

Sian did an incredible job re-designing our, now award winning, shop floor, creating our moveable workshop space and our fantastic plant wall. Since her work, sales of our plants have gone through the roof, it does an amazing job of showing off the different varieties we stock.

Take this succulent planter in the minimalist Moroccan-inspired container, or this bang-on-trend String of Pearls plant with it’s gorgeous, trailing foliage, or one of my particular favourites, this striking aloe vera plant in a beautiful, ombre effect pot.

So, without further ado, I’ll had you over to Sian for her insight in the greenery trend that’s all over Instagram!


Reports coming in from Maison d’Object 2019, the first of the interior design shows for this year, clearly indicate that the greenery trend isn’t going anywhere. Instead it's flourished and grown, as any good botanical trend should!

Be warned though, things have moved on since the slap-a-palm-on-it style of summer 2017 and there needs to be some sophistication to embracing non-plant based greenery indoors. Here are my top tips:

  • Consider, if painting walls dark green, taking the skirtings and woodwork the same colour too. This is an age-old trick employed by the Georgians to add depth, height and continuity to whole rooms. Plus, it hides a multitude of sins if your woodwork’s a bit ropey.? 

  • The feature wall is considered by those in the know as a tad passé now, but if you’re hell bent on choosing a statement paper then a bold botanical is still a hot choice. Cole & Son’s Botanical Botanica Forest or Albany’s Congo are both fabulous. Opting for a dark paper adds drama to a scheme and 2019’s mixed metals work brilliantly with papers like these.


  • Talking of wallpaper, why not be brave and wrap it around more than one wall, in framed panels, or even up onto the ceiling! 


  • Advances in technology now means tiling has become super interesting both in pattern and texture. These large format panels are only 3mm thick, a little like porcelain wallpaper but extremely strong. If flowers aren’t your bag, why not just go verdant in colour, like these Lilypad tiles by Ca Pietra. 


  • Rich green shades in forest hues are as perfect for kitchen cabinetry as they are for walls and ceiling, but also consider more olive tones. Both work equally well with the 2019 resurgence of earthy tones like rust, honey and tan, which will slowly start to take over from grey. Couple these colour schemes with rattan and wickerwork for a 2019 twist on a 70’s vibe.                                                                                             
  • Taking the greenery decor trend to its natural conclusion, there's nothing to stop you from creating an actual Green Wall indoors - literally a living, growing wall of plants. How cool that would be in a kitchen - growing your own rocket and herbs right next to the chopping board.? 


I'm passionate about plants here at Moregeous HQ and have embraced the outdoors-in trend. Working on the new store for The Flower Lounge last year only served to make me fall even more in love with houseplants and all the gorgeous decor items surrounding them - it was hard not to spend all my design wages in the shop if I'm honest. I hope you’ve enjoyed these interiors tips for 2019…. keep rocking the green!


Thank you Sian for those fabulous hints and tips. I hope it’s inspired you, as much as it has me, to be bold with colour and embrace this trend for botanicals. Our stock of plants, pots and containers is constantly changing and evolving as I’m introduced to new varieties of plants or spot new container designers at buying fairs. You can visit us in store to see the amazing and unusual range we stock. We also have a limited range of plants available in our online store. They make perfect gifts, as they’re hardy, easy to care for and look super-stylish in any home.


Interior Botanical Trends: Decorating with Plants