Floral Fashion Trends

If one trend says 2019 Spring - Summer season, it’s florals. Blooms and blossoms have been flourishing on the catwalk in the form of prints, tapestries and brocades, but I want to take this trend one step further, taking fresh flowers out of the vase, centrepiece or garland and incorporating them in to your wedding, festival or garden party look.

No printed flower can truly capture the colour, texture and fragrance of a fresh flower. To understand that you have to see it, smell it and touch it. Wearing flowers can look ethereal and magical, turning a normal outfit into a sensational outfit. I’ve rounded up my top floral fashion hits, showing off the beautiful versatility of fresh flowers.

Floral Crowns

This trend, loved by festival goers and brides alike, shows no sign of abating. From bohemian, luxury with roses, peonies and an abundance of fresh green foliage to simpler, classic creations featuring orchids and gypsophila…there’s a floral crown to suit every face, taste and occasion.

Creating crowns is also a wonderful way to get friends together. Our bespoke floral crown workshops have been used to celebrate hen do’s, baby showers and engagements. We use the best flowers, foliage and berries each season has to offer, then expertly guide you to create a bespoke floral crown, designed to complement your style or outfit. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more…

floral crowns

Flowers in Hair

This is a beautiful and whimsical way to bring some flower power to any look. And there are so many options to choose from; flowers braided into hair, an up-do with intertwined flowers or a simple, classic, single flower behind the ear. However, although some flowers look really beautiful as part of a hair do, they actually wilt very quickly when cut from their stem. Try spray roses, freesias or daisies for a longer lasting option. And whatever you do, don’t be tempted to give your hair one final spray with hairspray, it’s likely to kill your flowers.

flowers in the hair


A floral corsage can be worn on the wrist (think American style prom accessory) or it can be worn as a brooch. Traditionally, it features one flower surrounded by smaller flowers and foliage, and it is a beautiful way to make a floral, fashion statement celebrating a particular flower. If you’re planning a destination wedding, why not wear a corsage around your ankle? A beautiful way to adorn your feet in the absence of shoes! For all you budding florists out there, check out Pinterest and You Tube for instructions on how to make your own corsage.



Traditionally embraced by Indian brides and bridesmaids, fresh flower jewellery is now moving into western cultures. From dainty, floral train bracelets or rings made of waxflower and spray roses to gorgeous statement necklaces featuring orchids interspersed with statement flowers, to dangling earrings made of hyacinth pips and astrantia, this trend is a striking and unusual way to wear flowers.

floral jewellery


I’m not talking about floral prints (although I do love them) but about actually wearing fresh flowers on your clothes. While a dress made entirely of flowers may be stunningly beautiful and ethereal, it is obviously not at all practical. However, flowers stitched into a veil or worn as a sash or belt around the waist, is a much easier way to wear this gorgeous fashion statement.

fresh floral fashion

I hope I’ve inspired you to take floral fashion to the next level this Spring/Summer Season and incorporate from fresh flowers and foliage into your look. I think you’ll look blooming marvellous!

If you want to learn some floristry skills that will help you create your floral masterpieces then check out our floral workshops, designed to teach you basic skills. Our Didsbury shop is bursting with the freshest, seasonal blooms ready to enhance any outfit, and our skilled and helpful florists are on hand to offer any advice about the best blooms to choose for your particular project.

If you’re embracing this trend, I’d love to see the pics, tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and take a look at our boards on Pinterest.

Photo credits: Some photos are of our own work, others are inspiration gathered from Pinterest.

Floral Fashion Trends