Birthday Bloom Inspiration

Flowers make the most beautiful birthday present. They are thoughtful, meaningful and manage to say, what is often difficult to put into words. But what about birthday flowers? Although you know flowers are a gift your recipient will be thrilled to receive, how do you avoid it becoming a repetitive or predictable gift? I’ve got some creative and inspirational ideas to help you shake things up and show your loved one how much thought you’ve put into their birthday gift.

Morning, Noon and Night

The best thing about birthday flowers…they can be a total surprise! Delivered to home, work or even a birthday party, they are a totally flexible gift. And what better way to make someone feel adored on their birthday and show them that you are thinking of them all day, than with a bouquet, delivered morning, noon and night!

Fill a Room with Flowers

Talk about a grand gesture!! We’ve helped a few customers do this before, memorably for a proposal which you can read about here. Not only will this make an unforgettable birthday present, it will also be remembered as the most romantic thing you’ve ever done.

Flowers for a Year

Make that birthday last a little longer with our ‘Flowers for a Year’ (or 6 months) gift. The lucky birthday girl or boy could be on the receiving end of a hand-tied, seasonal bouquet delivered to their home or place of work, every month, for a year. They will never have had a gift like it!

Flower Lounge Gift Voucher

When you treat the lucky birthday boy or girl to a Flower Lounge Gift Voucher, they have so many ways they can spend it. They could treat themselves to some beautiful flowers, a stylish plant, a gorgeous candle, luxury chocolates, or even one of my incredibly popular Flower Lounge Workshops. My seasonal and creative masterclasses make such a unique birthday gift, teaching new skills that can enjoyed forever.

Birthday Bouquet

There are lots of ways you can make a birthday bouquet from The Flower Lounge even more special and individual to the person receiving it. You could match the number of flowers to the age they’re celebrating. Or make a bouquet featuring each of their favourite flowers. Or even a bouquet that uses their birth month flower, you can read more about that here.

Another ingenious way to make a bouquet even more special is to use it as a carrier for another gift, perhaps hiding a theatre ticket or spa voucher in-between the petals.

Floral Treasure Hunt

Make individual stems become beautiful clues to a main birthday present. Place them around the house or in a special location, with tied, hand-written notes directing them to the next clue and flower. And, best of all, at the end of the treasure hunt, not only will they have a present, they’ll also have a beautiful, birthday bouquet.

Flower Bomb

If you’re looking for something truly unique, OTT and worthy of an insta post, then how about a flower bomb? Similar to filling a whole room with flowers, this takes the concept one step further, by adding the element of unexpected surprise! How hilarious and sweet would it be to fill your loved one’s car with flowers, or perhaps cover their work desk completely. What an amazing birthday surprise!


I hope I’ve inspired you with some of the wonderful and distinctive ways you can gift flowers to make a birthday super special. And remember, if you need some expert advice and inspiration, my talented team of florists are at the other end of the phone to help you create a truly magical gift. Simply give us a call on 0161 446 2556.

Birthday Bloom Inspiration