Interiors: Flowers and Plants for Every Room

It will come as no surprise that I think every home benefits from the addition of fresh flowers and plants. They bring life, colour, beauty and even improve our health. Research has shown that plants help maintain optimum humidity reducing the likelihood of respiratory tract infections. They also improve oxygen levels and release chemicals called phytoncides, to regulate the immune system. Plants and flowers also help our mental wellbeing, acting as a calming influence, increasing concentration while reducing tension and anxiety.

However, looking after fresh flowers and plants, helping them thrive in your home so you can enjoy all of these benefits, can be tricky. To help, I’ve come up with a guide, explaining which plants flourish in which room of your home, and where fresh florals can make the maximum impact, so you can enjoy and appreciate their beauty to the full.


Living Room

Often the largest space in a house, this is your opportunity to make a style statement with super trendy plants. String of hearts or epipremnum are perfect for the current interior trend of plants trailing from shelves and hanging planters. These plants requires very little attention or direct sunlight. Monstera plants and Boston Ferns also make a chic statement, they are pretty robust, which is great if you are short on space and want a tropical plant to contrast your trailing plants.


Dining room

The dining table is the perfect place for a beautiful fresh, floral centre piece for guests (or just your you) to admire and enjoy while you are eating. I recommend choosing the best flowers and foliage the season has to offer. From the pretty soft hues of spring tulips and bright ranunculus to summer's finest peonies and autumn's red Hypericum berries and sepia tone hydrangea, there's so much on offer all year round.



Cacti and succulents thrive in the kitchen, loving the heat from cooking! Place them on a windowsill so they get the most amount of sunlight possible, and don’t water them between September and March, they thrive on being dry.



Welcome people to your home with something beautiful, fragrant and seasonal. Bringing the outside in, whatever the season, helps to lift our mood and having a bouquet on display in the hallway means you'll always be greeted by flowers! Our Florist Choice hand-tied or vase designs are all about celebrating the best of the season's blooms so are the perfect pick for a seasonal pick me up.



The bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquillity which is why Aloe Vera and Peace Lily plants are fabulous additions to any boudoir. They are both air purifiers, and the Peace Lily is perfect for plant novices as it will droop to let you know it needs a drink of water, while the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera are well known, being used to treat minor cuts and sunburn. A gorgeous, fleeting treat for the bedroom is Peonies. Only in season for a brief period in the summer, they release their beautiful scent in the morning, what a wonderful way to wake up!



Orchids are a stunningly delicate flower that love humidity and indirect sunlight, perfect for bathroom conditions. When paired with an English ivy hanging plant that reduces moisture in the air thereby preventing mould, you have the perfect flower and plant pairing for this space.


You'll find lots of inspiration for flowers and plants on our website - ready to buy, or pop in to our lovely shop in Didsbury to see our full range - all ready to turn your home into a wellbeing haven!


Interiors: Flowers and Plants for Every Room