Get What You REALLY Want this Valentines Day

I’ve got your back this Valentine’s Day!

After years of witnessing mad panic buying on Valentine’s Day, as well numerous conversations with friends who have felt deflated following a lacklustre gift, or even worse, been left feeling neglected following no romantic gesture at all - I’ve come up with some handy, downloadable Valentine hints that will gently nudge your significant other in the right direction…

Now, this isn’t to say your other half isn’t thoughtful, it’s just that some of us are simply bad planners, and our busy lives often get in the way of the chance to be frivolous, fun and romantic. I’m thinking of everyone who has ever had to buy, and WRAP, their own birthday presents!

This isn’t all partners though; at The Flower Lounge we’ve been witness to some pretty grand romantic gestures! Like one of our grooms, Chris, who filled an entire room with his bride-to-be’s favourite flower. Or, another of our grooms, who sent his bride a replica of her wedding bouquet on their first Valentine’s day after their wedding *sigh*

However, if your partner isn’t one of nature’s natural born planners or romantics, then these light-hearted hints could be just the ticket to ensuring you receive a beautiful bouquet with love this Valentine’s Day.

Simply print our handy hints, cut them out and surreptitiously leave them for your other half to find. Whether ‘casually’ stuck to the fridge, microwave or bathroom mirror or even slipped in to their wallet or the steering wheel of their car…let’s hope your partner gets the hint, pulls it out of the bag and treats you to the ultimate romantic gesture.

Alternatively, if you know your other half is so oblivious they wouldn’t notice one of our handy hints stuck to their forehead, why not show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day, and head to the shop to pick out a stunning arrangement bespoke to you…you deserve it!


Get What You REALLY Want this Valentines Day