Mood Boosting Plants for the Home

The start of 2021 promised many things…an end to lockdown restrictions and the chance to start afresh after a difficult and worrying year. However, like many things in life, this hasn’t gone quite according to plan…

With the strictest social distancing restrictions in place, at least for the next 5 weeks, it is understandable if there is a feeling of despondency in the air.

However, we know something that can help! After working in a florist shop for the majority of my adult life, I know the mood-boosting power of simply looking at the wonders of nature.

My shop (when it is open ??) is a treasure trove of gorgeous flowers and luscious foliage that feeds the soul. Now, with so many of us spending so much time at home, I wanted to share the teams pick of mood-boosting plants that you can add to your home, which will give you the lift we’re all looking for.


Senecio Planter

The Senecio is a charming, spreading succulent that exudes a sense of fun and texture in modern interiors. It also, like all succulents, has the amazing ability to reduce anxiety by cleaning the air that surrounds it. Best of all, this plant looks amazing when suspended from height, meaning you’ll always have the calming natural colours in your eye line, providing you with a sense of peace when there is chaos all around.


Monstera Planter

Large-leafed philodendron plants, including the trendy monstera plant, are one of the most effective plants for reducing air pollution. It actually draws household chemicals out of the air – such as exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, smoke from wood burning fires and household cleaning products – and converts it into clean oxygen. The more oxygen you breathe increases the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, consequently making you happier. Perfect as an antidote to the January Blues.


Epipremnum Planter

This is such a popular plant with Flower Lounge customers as it looks so good yet it is so low maintenance. But it does more than just look good! This plant also increases humidity which can protect you from cold and influenza, as viruses can’t transmit easily in moist air, something we could all benefit from at the moment! And, we all know that keeping physically well does wonders for our mental health too. Humidity in the air also keeps your skin hydrated ensuring you are irritation free.


Aloe Vera

We chose the medicinal magic of an Aloe Vera plant for our two, indulgent gift sets – our Self-Care Hamper and our Relaxing Rituals Hamper – because it has been used to treat various health conditions for thousands of years.

From a moisturiser, to healing wounds, to protecting against sun damage, to relieving heartburn and even helping people lose weight! The mood-boosting health benefits of the gel contained within the Aloe Vera plants firm leaves is a miraculous wonder!


Cactus Planter

Nothing boosts our mood more than a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Which is why our stylish range of Cactus Planters are the perfect January addition to your home. Caring for plants, and watching them thrive, makes us become more caring and empathetic to the people around us, including ourselves. As the cactus is so simple to care for, this is a project you could involve the whole family in, even small children. An added bonus is that cactus help children concentrate better, making home learning more enjoyable – which is sure to be a huge mood-booster for the entire family during lockdown.


We've lots more lovely options on our website and in our shop, available for contactless delivery or click and collect.

The Flower Lounge team is on hand with their expert advice to help you choose the plant that is just right for you, give us a call on 0161 446 2556 to start boosting your mood today.

Mood Boosting Plants for the Home