Flowers to Banish the Winter Blues

23 January 2016

Whether it’s the January Blues or Blue Monday – the beginning of the year certainly struggles to get good press.  Whilst it’s fair to say that the winter months can make people feel a little low, we thought it was time to fight back with some simple, proven ways to help alleviate a bad mood!

In our recent New Year Resolutions blog we talked about how flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods. Studies show that people who receive flowers report feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated, and demonstrate a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction.

This is something we can all relate to – the sense of joy when you’re surprised with a beautiful bouquet or return home after a hard day to be greeted with a vibrant scent filled arrangement. Flowers are instant mood lifters.

But it’s not just the actual flowers; the colours make you happy too. Colour therapy has been used for years to help people prone to unhappiness feel better. Painting rooms lots of bright colours might be a bit ambitious and costly, but a vase bursting with sunflowers will help to energise you, alternatively a mix of soft pastel tulips can help soothe your senses.

You might want to consider where in your home certain flowers are best placed. For example for those of you who are usually grumpy first thing in the morning, having flowers in the kitchen, as you make yourself breakfast, is proven to help you start the day positively – helping to banish those Monday morning blues. You may choose more muted tones, such as peach, creams, pinks or violets in your living room or bedroom to help you wind down, feel relaxed and calm. Hallways are another great place to have an arrangement of flowers – how do you want to feel when you enter your home?

To help you, here’s our quick guide to choosing a colour palette of flowers to help you harness your emotions.

Yellow and Orange: A sure fire way to lift your spirits.  It’s impossible not to break into a grin at a gigantic sunflower or feel uplifted by a bouquet of gerberas. If you’re feeling below par then a bunch of bright yellow and orange flowers will give you a sense of optimism and make you smile whenever you see them.

Pinks: Tulips, roses, peonies, the list of pink blossoms is endless.  Soft subtle pinks give a feeling of gentility and joy whilst bold, bright pinks such as the Hot Pink Ranunculus or Starfighter Lily make a real statement and give a boost of confidence. 

Purple & Violets: Often associated with royalty these colours give a sense of dignity, pride and success. Be bold and lead the way with a few stems of luxurious blooms such as the lisianthus or reveal a more refined understated look by mixing softer more whimsical variations such as Agapanthus and Allium with complementary colours.

Reds: The colour that delivers energy, passion and strength. It’s no surprise Roses are bought in their millions for Valentine’s Day!  Bouquets filled with rich red flowers will certainly get you going for the day ahead.

Whites and creams: The simple beauty of white and cream flowers have a cleansing effect, helping you feel renewed. Whether you choose small vintage flowers such as sweet peas and freesia or prefer the bolder more structured shapes of lilies and orchids, their serene colours will keep you feeling calm and refreshed.

Blues: Forget Blue Monday, these blooms will not make you feel blue! The pale blue hues of a hydrangea or the deep purplish blues of an Anemone can calm worries and give you a sense of serenity and calm.

So why not give it a go and see if a bouquet can brighten even the greyest of days? Order online now or pop in the shop for a sure fire hit of happiness.