5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home with Florals This Spring

Spring is such a wonderful time to be a florist! We’re the first to see the delicate, budding blooms of the new season and begin to incorporate them into our floral designs. It’s the feeling of starting fresh, perfectly timed with the reopening of the shop. That spring feeling is something a lot of people want to replicate in their homes – spring clean anyone?

So, we teamed up with the fabulous Jo from Northern Styling, to give you some stylish ways to welcome spring into your home, using fresh flowers and our pick of seasonal plants. Take it away Jo…


Thanks Siân and hello flower lovers! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love using both fresh and dried designs in my home. It’s such a simple way to transform a space and I’ve really enjoyed getting creative with all these beautiful blooms. To help you replicate the fresh and delicate beauty of spring flowers and foliage in your own home, follow my 5 easy tips to freshen up your home this spring.


A Wreath is Not Just for Christmas

What a way to welcome guests to your home, and a brand new season! Wreaths have become so much more than Christmas decorations…thanks to our continuing obsession with Scandi-chic, the wreath has become a year-round fixture, both inside and outside our homes.

This stunning example uses the very best of spring flowers and foliage. Gorgeous double-petaled tulips in vibrant colour, delicate and voluminous white wildflowers, abundant flowering grasses and foliage, as well as the chic addition of dried flowers to add both a feathery and more structured texture in a neutral palette.

This wreath is sure to get your house noticed for all the right reasons.


Small but Perfectly Formed

A great way to make your florals go further, as well as celebrate the beauty of a single spring bloom, is to use lots of little vases instead of one big centre piece.

This technique gives you a huge amount of flexibility when adorning your home. Allowing you to move arrangements around depending on where you, or your guests, can admire them. It also creates a sense of abundance and luxury that can be missing from one, large arrangement.


Creating Your Version of Cottagecore

If you haven’t heard of the latest design trend to take Instagram by storm, then Cottagecore is a romantic interpretation of rural life and simpler times, using colours, patterns and details your Granny might have had.

From fabrics to furniture, clothes to curtains, this is a style movement that is having a real moment. And one you can embrace with fresh florals too. Like this gorgeous, simple arrangement of lavender coloured, double petaled tulips or an antique pink coloured lisianthus.


Spring Colours

This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year gives us two for the price of one: ‘Illuminating’ yellow and ‘Ultimate’ grey. It's a great spring combination of a soft grey neutral with a punchy bright yellow that works fantastically well in interiors. Especially if you’ve gone for a neutral, industrial chic theme in your home, a vibrant pop of a yellow ranunculous can provide a welcoming and fresh touch to your home.

To make an even longer lasting colour style statement, you could invest in some bright and cheerful dried designs. These sustainable designs last for months, if not years, and add colour, texture and interest to any room in your house. I particularly love the height and drama this fabulous design from The Flower Lounge brings to this forgotten corner of a room.


Tripping the Plant Fantastic

Plants are here to stay in the home, and it’s no secret why…not only do they look good, they make us feel good too.

But, how do you update your plant look for spring? A great way is to invest in new, gorgeous pots for your plants live in, it’s an instant transformation! Try utilising the organic, natural tones and textures of rattan. Perfect for adding a light, natural touch to your plants this spring.

If you’re looking to invest in a new plant, try adding personality, statement, and colour to your collection through a voluminous palm plant. This will look great all year round with the right care and attention - the feathery texture and lightness of the leaves works particularly well in interiors at this this time of year.


Jo – your talent, imagination and creative expertise continues to amaze and inspire us. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job styling our gorgeous blooms and plants for spring. If you’ve been tempted by any of the designs pictured, then head over to our Online Shop where you can browse lots of lovely products from our range. Alternatively, we’re back open for business and welcoming customers to the shop right now, so come and visit us to have a chat about what spring inspiration we can bring to your home.

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home with Florals This Spring