5 Perfect Plants for the Perfect Home Office

With more and more of us working from home it’s never been more essential to create a stylish space to get stuff done!  Whatever your set up is maximalist or minimalist, contemporary or traditional, take it up a notch with the energizing, air purifying and positivity boosting power of plants. That’s right, plants are known to help you feel better, clear the air and boost your creative vibes. Add some plant prowess your workspace alongside those funky pen pots and calming candles. Who knows, these plants might even help you start your to-do list! So come on, revamp your 9-5 with our top 5 perfect plants for the perfect office. They’re low maintenance and oh so lush!

  1. Monstera

If you’re looking to make a statement in your office, look no further than the Monstera! Often nicknamed the Swiss Cheese plant due to the holes in its leaves, this tropical jungle plant is big bold and oh so distinctive! A favourite of interior designers, you’ll be familiar with its leaves as they are commonly used in prints, on wallpaper and home furnishings. This trendy little fella likes space to unfurl its huge glossy leaves and despite its dramatic look, is really an easy-going plant.

Treat your Monstera to a light mist every now and again and it’ll love you forever. As it’s a climbing plant, as it grows it sometimes needs a bit of support (don’t we all), so lend a helping hand by popping in a dowel or moss stick for it to attach to. Known for its air-purifying qualities, this low maintenance plant can survive even if you forget to water it. Evergreen and eye-catching, it’s the perfect plant for a statement loving office. Don’t forget to wipe its big leaves every now and again when they are looking dusty. Toxic to animals but positivity boosting for humans - it’s a winner.


  1. Boston Fern

If you’re after something more exotic and unique, why not choose a Boston Fern. A firm favourite in the Victorian era, the bushy Boston Fern originates from the tropical areas of south America, West Indies and Africa and remains a stunning interior classic today. These cute little plants are little workplace wonders. Not only do they add a splash of fresh colour, but these frilly little numbers also have superb air purifying and calming properties too. Get your fern sitting comfortably, not in shade and not in direct sunlight (okay we’ll admit it’s a delicate balance), but when happily basking in dappled shade, the Boston Fern doesn’t need very much from you. Elegant and graceful, it requires only a smidge of TLC (i.e., an occasional water). With a mind of its own (it does like to grow in all directions) this green power plant is perfect for a low light office. A bit shy, so do resist stroking its feather like- leaves as it turns them brown. Talking or singing to your Boston Fern however is totally up to you!


  1. Epipremnum

Known by its much easier to pronounce name “Devils Ivy”, this is hailed as the most popular houseplant in the world (or so they say). Sometimes referred to as the Rapunzel plant because of its trailing tendencies it looks stunning cascading from the side of your desk or from a shelf nearby. This plant’s personality is laid back, fuss-free, and very hard to kill! These are gorgeous evergreen plants with beautiful heart shaped leaves and thankfully simple needs (ahem, maybe unlike your boss). Depending how ambitious you are, you can train these little beauties to grow up and around things, or alternatively just let it fall in the way it does best. Not only is this a perfect plant for the office because it’s so darn easy to keep, but it was also recommended by NASA’s clean air study due to its air purifying qualities. You could say it’s an out of this world plant! Keep away from pets, and if you see the leaves going droopy, give it a drink. Job done. Add a bit of style to your desk. NASA insists!


  1. Succulents

Small office? Small desk? Say hello to our super good-looking trio of succulents. Fun and funky (and really quite adorable) these plant pals are the perfect addition to any carefully curated desk. A perfect alternative to a desk plant and super low maintenance if you’re a first-time plant parent!  They look super in our on-trend, neutral coloured, textured ceramic pots. These may be small but they’re oh-so big on plant power. 

Succulents are guaranteed to make your office just that little bit cheerier and there’s so many eye-catching varieties in bold greens, pastel purples and pinks to choose from. With their fleshy leaves that feel like rubber, these chic and minimal cacti are sure to brighten your desk. Succulents are known for their air purifying qualities and studies show that plants really do help boost creativity and (gasp) productivity.  What’s not to love?  Colourful and interesting, get them in the team meeting already!


  1. Hydrangea

Say ‘Hi’ to the Hydrangea, this blooming plant with its fantastic flowers is perfect if you want to inject a bit of colour into your office. Sit in gazing at brilliant powdery blues, vibrant violets, pinks, white or reds all surrounded with big leaves in deep greens - this potted plant is a real explosion of happiness. Pop a potted hydrangea on your desk for instant outdoor garden chic inside! Sweet smelling and just so darn pretty, the hydrangea will add a lively look to any workspace. Not only gorgeous to look at, but hydrangeas also improve the humidity in the air as the water it drinks (it’s a thirsty plant) evaporates into the air by its leaves – this helps keep you healthy too! Hydrangeas are surprisingly low maintenance – keep it watered, away from draughts and in a light spot and its huge blooms will keep you smiling even in the longest of zoom calls!


Whatever office space you’re looking to create, we’ve got the perfect plant for you. We’ve plants for sunny spaces or for shadier spots!  With easy to care for foliage and a huge selection to suit every personality our plants can add style to every desk, shelf and windowsill. So, pop in store or head online to www.didsburyflowerlounge.co.uk  and check out our plant-tastic range.

Make your office the plant perfect work zone with The Flower Lounge.

5 Perfect Plants for the Perfect Home Office