Top 10 Tips for Super Healthy Plants

Come January, when all the Christmas decorations have come down, the house can feel a little empty…in these dark winter months we need to bring a bit of life back into our homes, if only to remind ourselves that Spring is on its way!

Houseplants are a brilliant way to do this – and not just because they are visually beautiful – but because they are good for your health too, releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. They help to freshen up the air and eliminates harmful toxins. Studies have also proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15 percent!), reduce stress levels and boost your mood — making them perfect for not just your home but your home office too.

Whilst there’s many low maintenance plants out there, even the hardiest will require a small amount of love and attention. So, to help you get the very best out of your houseplants here’s our handy top 10 tips for creating a thriving, life-giving plant jungle!

plant care

1. Location, location location…

Most plants aren’t big fans of direct sunlight so check your plant’s position to make sure you protect it from the harsh rays of sun (yes, even in winter!)

2. Thirsty work…

Different plants will require varying amounts of water so always check the label. But if you place your index finger in top layer of soil and it feels dry then it’s probably time to give it a drink.

3. It’s getting hot in here…

When the temperature rises you want to increase humidity. One of the easiest ways to do this is to mist your leafy plants. There’s some super cute plant misters out there which bring total joy to this task.

4. Keep it clean…

Dusting your plants can seem like a crazy plant lady thing to do, but when dust settles on the leaves it can block both the air and sunlight, which the plant needs to grow strong and healthy. We recommend using clean, damp cloth and just giving your plants a quick wipe every week or so.

5. Round and round we go…

No one likes a wonky plant! Plants grow towards sunlight so if you rotate your plants every 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on how much sunlight they get, you’ll have plants that grow strong and tall!

6. Holiday time…

Going away? Give you plant babies a 2-3 cm drink in the sink for a couple of hours before you head off, remembering to pop them back into their pots before you go. Don’t be tempted to leave them in the water as this may cause root rot.

7. Time for a trim…

If you start to see any brown tips of edges, then simply trim them off using clean and super sharp scissors of kitchen shears. This will keep them healthy and looking their best. You can even get a bit arty by trying to replicate the shape of the leaf as you trim – you’ll never know it’s even missing!

8. No soggy bottoms

Proper drainage is vital for your plant. Using a plant stand or a plate on which to stand your pot will ensure the roots receive plenty of air rather than being suffocated by sitting in water.

9. Stop the ageing process

Fruits like tomatoes, bananas and apples produce a gas called ethylene which can cause rapid ageing of potted plants or cut flowers. If you notice your plants drooping move them away from the fruit bowl (unfortunately this doesn’t work the same for humans!)

10. Vitamin D

People are just suckers for succulents, making them one of our best sellers! They are one of the easiest to care for plants and look great on window sills, shelves and on desks (especially the mini ones when space is at a premium!) One thing you should know about succulents is they love a good sunbathe in the summer – pop them out for a blast of vitamin D and they’ll love you for it.


If you’re new to the plant world take some time to get to know your plants. Follow the tips above to get you started but eventually you’ll find a care routine that suits you all. Final bonus tip is that we’d always recommend a good plant food. We love Norfolk Natural Livings plant food and atomiser sets which are 100% natural and free of potentially harmful chemicals. There’s one specially designed for ferns, succulents as well as a general indoor plants.

And don’t forget we’re always here if you need any advice, just pop into the shop and we’ll diagnose the problem and give you a remedy…like plant A&E!

Top 10 Tips for Super Healthy Plants