To rose or not to rose...

04 February 2016

As the most romantic day of the year looms, we look at the choices available for Valentine’s Day flowers. Should you go for all out romance with the ultimate and luxurious gesture of a dozen red roses or opt for a wild card that’s as individual and unique as she (or he!) is?

There’s no disputing the reign of the red rose when it comes to the expression of deep affection. It’s a classic symbol of enduring passion and desire, dating back as far as Aphrodite and Venus. Red roses are often cited in classic works of poetry and literature but became widespread during Victorian times with the practice of floriography, using flowers to communicate feelings rather than words. No wonder then that they have been universally accepted as the symbol of love.

This makes the red rose a traditional choice for Valentine’s Day. But there are many to choose from; who knew there were so many shades of red or shapes of rose?  From the dark, rich, velvety petal of the Grand Prix rose, with its indulgent large head to the scarlet red bud of the ‘red piano’ spray rose.  Pink roses are also well-liked, their colour offering a more flirty, fun and gentle take on love, ideal for those early romances. But how many to choose? Well, according to, the number of roses you send has quite a significant meaning for those who believe in such superstitions. A single rose represents an acknowledgement of ‘love at first sight’ whereas six show an infatuation. Nine indicate that your love is forever and twelve implores ‘be mine’.

There is no getting away from the rose’s dominance but if you are looking to break away from tradition, there are plenty of alternatives.  Deep red or purple tulips or alstroemeria look beautiful and represent good value for money.  Some like the flirtiness of ‘love me, love me not’ daisies or the boldness of strong-scented lilies.  These look especially good with strong foliage and whimsical textures.  Freesia, orchids and hydrangea also make good choices.

If you’re struggling to decide, think about the personality of the person you’re buying for. Are they wild at heart, a bit quirky or bold and bubbly? Perhaps something that represents more about them, especially when accompanied with a well thought out message, would be considered more romantic than a copy-cat bloom?  Or how about their favourite flower as a starting point? We can create something entirely bespoke for you and shows you care about them as an individual in a far more intimate way.

We’re here to help in whatever way we can. Our only advice? Order early (we’re taking bookings now online or in store) and put plenty of thought into that gift card – if you need some inspiration take a look at our message ideas for your Valentine's bouquet blog !