5 Must Have Flowers for your Home this Summer

If you’re looking for the trendiest, must-have summer blooms to send (or keep for yourself!) then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re talking mood-boosting, day-brightening, seasonal flowers that are trending all over Instagram and taking over our homes right now!

Here’s our top five picks guaranteed to give you all the summer vibes.



The Hydrangea is the ultimate symbol of high summer when everyone takes it a bit easier. They’re big, blousy and feel indulgent, with their soft round clusters of flowers providing a soft landing. These billowing blooms are nothing if not versatile and can make a stunning statement by themselves or look beautiful when combined with scented stocks and lush green foliage. Take a look at our Pure Showstopper for interior inspo.

Top tip - They drink a lot of water, so hydrangeas should always be in plenty of clean water. 



Delphinium is a must-have in our summer designs, bursting upwards capturing space with their long stem, flanked by an abundance of gorgeous summer flowers. They are perfect for a hit of much needed colour and if you’re looking for blue hues, you’ve come to the right place, although the flower is also available in white, yellow, purple, red and pink.

Delphiniums are the flower of choice for a tall vase display or as a way to create height and texture in a bouquet as they tower over everything enthusiastically showing off their little floral bells. Check out our Ray of Sunshine bouquet with the soft blue pastel delphiniums.

Did you know: If you look closely the flower buds resemble dolphins. Hence the name Delphinium: the Latin word for dolphin.



Otherwise known as antirrhinum, snapdragons are a summertime, cottage garden favourite. They give your home a feeling of hazy days in the English countryside; think wild meadows, white picket fences and chequered picnic blankets.

They produce clusters of bright and colourful blooms along their stalks and come in just about every colour - there’s even bi-coloured snapdragons for those that can’t decide on their favourite!  But for those who love simplicity the white varieties, as shown in our Natural White bouquet are one of our favourites. We also love the modern-hybrids with their double-blooms and variations in leaf colouring.

Did you know: If you tenderly squeeze the side of these flowers, the blossoms look a lot like the mouth of a dragon, and when released the bottom lip snaps shut, hence the name snapdragons.


Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile)

Matricaria is a little bit of a wonder fleur. Their pretty daisy-like flowers actually pack quite a punch with a characteristic apple like scent. They instantly add a fresh, garden feel to your bouquet standing out with their abundant white petals and yellow capitula. Matricaria is the epitome of field-to-vase with it’s wild-flower look, volume and texture being a go-to favourite for interiors world-wide.

Did you know: Matricaria contain essential oils and anti-oxidants that are calming and relaxing and are used to make chamomile tea!



A cousin to the delphinium, Larkspur are super versatile flowers and look magnificent in vase arrangements at summer parties and weddings. It has attractive, feathery foliage at the base of the stem, followed by the drama of the flower spikes. Naturally tall and dramatic they often come in shades or purple and blue. Larkspur is another variety of summer bloom that likes to show off, making it the perfect choice for a camera ready display – as seen in our Ray of Sunshine bouquet.  They are also used for their beautiful flowerheads which can be gently removed from the stem for more intricate work or, as we’ve seen on Instagram, used as pretty props.

Top tip: Larkspur are susceptible to ethylene, which will make the flowers go over particularly quickly, so do keep them away from the fruit bowl.


From our must-have bloom choices, you’ll see that the summer 2022 look is all about achieving that quintessential wild-cottage garden look. Free, unstructured, voluptuous and natural, as if you’ve gathered them from your own verdant garden! But, if you’re not so lucky to have these beauties growing at home, then get in touch and we can design your very own insta-worthy summer bouquet.

5 Must Have Flowers for your Home this Summer