Flowers for Men at Valentines

08 February 2016

Valentine’s Day is so traditionally wrapped up with the giving of flowers, but why should it always be women that receive such gifts of love? It’s 2016 for goodness sake and whether you share your living space with the man in your life or he owns his own pad, it’s more than acceptable to show your appreciation with an arrangement that reflects the man you adore (just don’t call it a bouquet…)!

For every man there is a flower (ok we admit for some men, it may still have to be a plant) but, as creative florists we know what appeals to men. And whether they admit it or not, they are house proud too – so a suitable ‘masculine’ palette is something that would make them smile and think of you every time they see it.

We have many years’ experience to draw upon; understanding what our customers want, so we decided, with a little help from some of our industry friends, to give our top 5 tips for buying flowers for men.  

  1. Just as you would when you buy flowers for any loved one, think about what they like, the décor of their home, their hobbies…we’re not saying all men like sport but there are team colours to consider! Talk to your florist who can create something bespoke for you and you could try incorporating tickets to the next football game, or subscription to his favourite magazine.  Whether you’re male or female it’s just about being recognised and thought about.
  2. If this is his first foray into flowers, keep it simple. It’s probably best to avoid pastel colours and whimsical touches and choose a more basic palette, whether that’s white roses or orchids, or something bright but singular such as sunflowers or heliconia.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of the red roses for Valentines.  If your man has a classic style and isn’t afraid of bold gestures then a simple collection of 24 red roses is a strong statement, but it could be that a single stem says enough; a gesture that accompanies another gift and just hints of your love at Valentines.
  4. Our experience tells us that men are more visually orientated and are drawn to structured designs, often with vivid, crisp colours.  So consider arrangements that contain tropical, exotic flowers such as Anthuriums and birds of paradise.  The contemporary look, with strong clean lines appeals to men’s sense of linear style.  You’ll find these displays in the coolest of hotels, bars and restaurants so there’s no shame in having one of these arrangements take pride of place in his home.
  5. If you think the mere sight of a flower would threaten his manhood, then you can always introduce some botany into their lives with bamboo, aloe vera or cactus…prickly yes, but strong and masculine! Capturing a little essence of the great outdoors can add a sense of tranquillity and a touch of nature without damaging the male ego. Should you be buying for a male friend then you might want to bring to their attention that in the OnePoll Flower Survey 2015, 84% of women believe that flowers show a man is caring & 49% of women take it as a sign of good taste; which all stands them in good stead for a better Valentines 2017!

At the end of the day, you know your guy best. But if you’re searching for something ‘different’ on Valentines, then flowers could be just what you’re looking for. They may be expected by women, but we can almost guarantee they’d be a surprise for your man…and in our experience, a very welcome surprise too!

Check out what we have available online and in store.  But remember we’re just on the end of the phone if you want to create something unique, that tells your man how you feel. Tel: 0161 446 2556.