Why Everyone LOVES Eucalyptus – The Popular Plant That’s Totally on Trend

Eucalyptus might just be every florist’s fave foliage. With its forest-fresh scent and beautiful bluish-green hues, it’s the perfect choice to add texture to a bouquet, garland or centrepiece.  Commonly used for medicinal purposes and as a snack for peckish Koalas, eucalyptus’ aesthetically pleasing vibe sees this popular plant sitting pretty at the top of the style charts once again!

Eucalyptus is not only loved by fashionable brides and creative interior stylists, but its aromatic appeal and simple chic look means it’s now becoming the hottest must-have in home interiors, as seen trending on Tik-Tok! Want to know more? Check out our quick guide to eucalyptus - plus 3 totally on-trend ways to add some of its botanical brilliance into your everyday!

All About Eucalyptus

Full of leafy loveliness, eucalyptus is, by far, the fashion forward foliage of the moment. Native to Australia, this pretty plant symbolises strength, protection and abundance. Found in a variety of shapes and hues, some of the more common varieties of eucalyptus include:

  • Seeded Eucalyptus - its pale green leaves match its textured, seeded pods, also called eucalyptus populous
  • Cinerea Eucalyptus - with broad and round pale green leaves and flexible stems this is the most popular variety of eucalyptus and is also known as eucalyptus Silver Dollar
  • Baby blue - another favourite for its iconic shape and blueish colour
  • Gunnii Eucalyptus - commonly known as cider gum eucalyptus, it has small leaves and vertical structure perfect for adding height and dimension
  • Eucalyptus Glaucesens - with the strongest scent of all eucalyptus, this stunning variety has light blue foliage and is one of the main varieties grown by one of our favourite suppliers Irish Green Guys
  • Eucalyptus Moorei - a new variety of green eucalyptus which is a lovely thin shape and perfect as a bouquet filler
  • Eucalyptus Parvifolia - a very full, small, leafed eucalyptus creating a delicate, pretty finish


  1. Trend Alert: THE Ultimate Wedding Foliage

Whatever wedding atmosphere you’re dreaming of, whether it’s classic and romantic or boho and rustic, eucalyptus is your subtle yet striking floral sidekick that brings bags of natural botanical beauty to any bridal style. Eucalyptus’ muted colour and interesting shapes add texture to displays and tie together any type of floral concept. Its plentiful green leaves add volume to loose and wild bouquets and its simple blue-green-grey-hues complement almost every kind of colour scheme. Uber versatile, eucalyptus looks stunning adorning table displays or as a ravishing runner interspersed with flickering candles. As there is so much bulk and volume to eucalyptus, it allows florists to create very dramatic features including stunning arches, foliage chandeliers and dreamy wall hangings. Eucalyptus’ understated beauty is perfect for industrial venues that may not suit traditional blooms and thanks to its simple style, is great for a groom who would prefer a more masculine buttonhole. Eucalyptus is an easy (and stylish) way to bring that extra wow factor to your big day. Stunning, scented and simply beautiful, it’s no wonder more and more couples are saying “I do” to eucalyptus.

  1. Trend Alert: Insta-worthy Interior Design Vibes

Beautiful, long-lasting and with an incredible smell, eucalyptus is the perfect plant to use indoors. Whether you prefer a country cottage style or a contemporary minimalist look, eucalyptus accentuates every interior design look and is a great way to incorporate the popular indoor greenery trend into your home. There are plenty of ways you can recreate the stylish decors currently filling interior design magazines, Instagram and blogs. Simply attaching eucalyptus to a wooden rod makes a beautiful wall hanging and can look very striking against a stark, white wall. Or how about fashioning a garland of eucalyptus around a fireplace? Not only does this look impressive but the heat brings out that beautiful aroma. Whether you fashion it into a cool and stylish door wreath, opt for a single stem in a simple vase or display a bigger bunch as a dramatic table centrepiece, everything looks awesome with eucalyptus.

  1. Trend Alert: Enriching Health and Wellness Boost

Delving beyond its delightfully decorative appeal, eucalyptus is renowned for its health and wellbeing benefits. Used historically to promote relaxation due to its soothing scent and combined with its other health boosting medicinal uses, eucalyptus has a reputation for aiding rest and relaxation. So much so that everyone who’s anyone has jumped on the Tik-Tok trend of adding eucalyptus into their bath time routine! Hanging a bunch of eucalyptus from your shower is said to give your bathroom a dreamy botanical spa-like feel! String up a sprig or two from your shower head and as the steam hits the leaves and releases the plants oils, simply breathe in those heavenly scents! Reported to relieve nasal congestion and melt away stress, including this aromatic addition to your bathroom is fast becoming a shower essential! Adding greenery to every nook and cranny of your home is always a good idea (florists are crazy plant people after all) but when there’s added health benefits to be had, we don’t need any extra persuasion!

At the Flower Lounge we’re a picky bunch about where we source our blooms. Where possible, we love to get our stunning eucalyptus from our friends at Irish Green Guys, based in beautiful Southern Ireland as we’re always in awe of their abundance of eucalyptus knowledge and know-how. They grow over 350 acres of lush foliage and produce unique varieties available to our customers.

James from Irish Green Guys says, "There are close to 800 species of eucalyptus all of which are believed to be in Australia but many have now spread all over the world.  We have grown over 50 species in Ireland and are only scratching the surface of its potential for use in flower design. The growing popularity of eucalyptus over recent years has seen a huge surge in its use as greenery in arrangements, but also as a bunch in its own right. It adds a real architectural elegance in any room and the grey colour works really well with the natural and stone colours that are so on trend at the moment. And of course, who doesn’t love the gorgeous scent of eucalyptus wafting across your room?"

If we’ve inspired you to get creative with eucalyptus, why not visit us in store to see (and smell!) the full range or take a look at our Wild for You gift set which celebrates all that is wonderful about eucalyptus.


Why Everyone LOVES Eucalyptus – The Popular Plant That’s Totally on Trend