6 Stress-Busting Wedding Flower Tips for Couples Planning Their Big Day!

There’s no doubt about it, wedding planning can have even the *most* organised of us breaking into a sweat! From finding your wedding attire to ticking all the boxes for the perfect table plan, there’s lots to think about. It’s natural to worry about all the details of your wedding but when it comes to your bridal blooms, at the Flower Lounge, we’re here to nip them the bud!

We know a thing or two about soon-to-be married couples’ floral fears and we’ve oodles of solutions to put your minds at ease! Flowers are an incredibly important part of how a wedding looks so it’s understandable that they need to be fresh, fragrant and of course fit your dream wedding vibe.

We’ve rounded up 6 of the most common concerns from couples and added our top floral tips to whisk these wedding flower worries away!


Worried About the Weather? Make Displays Multi-Purpose & Movable!

The weather is always a worry for weddings in the UK. Even if you’re not opting for a summer gathering every couple has their fingers crossed for a dry day – whatever the season! Our top tip is to ensure that floral arrangements look good in a variety of places giving couples plenty of options should the weather take an unfortunate turn for the worst. Movable structures like flower arches or moon gates work well both indoors and outdoors giving couples lots of flexibility with their floral look. When we know your chosen venue, we work closely with our couples to advise ways they can maximise every display they have, catering not only for every type of weather but giving you the maximum flexibility and value from your flowers throughout the day.


Worried About Colour Shades & Seasonality? Try to Contrast, Complement & Colour Match.

The bridesmaids’ dresses are ordered, the groomsmen have their ties in the ‘exact’ shade to match and then you realise the hue you’ve got your heart set on isn’t florally possible! Eek. Do not despair! Colour matching is what florists are brilliant at. We’re apt at sourcing a spectrum of shades that will work with your chosen colour - whatever the hue. Whether that’s working with a contrasting shade to let your chosen colour pop or selecting complementary colours that will help to add depth and texture to your final look. Seasonality can also be a factor that couples need to consider too. Having your heart set on a particular flower can get everyone’s tulle in a tizz if the chosen bloom isn’t in season for your wedding date. Sometimes couples are happy to ship in blooms to fit their aesthetic but for more budget, eco-conscious couples, we can help you achieve your desired look with similar looking blooms that can dial down the cost but keep the overall aesthetic if your first-choice flower isn’t possible.


Worried about Longevity & Sustainability? Plan Ahead & Preserve for Later!

Will they last and what happens afterwards? Having fresh vibrant blooms throughout your wedding day is a must and there are many ways experienced florists can keep your flowers from wilting! Sourcing the freshest blooms for your big day is important as it means that they can be conditioned (keeping them out of sunlight and in water until the last minute) so they are at their beautiful best when it matters. Planning is key. Keep buttonhole flowers and hair accessories in a fridge until they are needed. Make sure there are vases of fresh cool water prepped at the venue so you can pop the bridal bouquets in (after the ceremony) to keep them hydrated. After the big day, make special memories by using your bouquets as extra-special keepsakes and gifts. Use flower presses to create bespoke artwork from your bridal blooms or have them professionally dried so you can keep them forever! For more tips read our blog: 4 BLOOMING BRILLIANT WAYS TO PRESERVE YOUR WEDDING BOUQUET.


Worried About Allergy Free Options? Opt for Low Pollen Blooms & Lots of Greenery!

Stop the sniffles and prevent the sneezes by selecting flowers that are suitable for everyone. There is an abundance of blooms that won’t have your guests reaching for the tissues especially if you’ve got a few allergy sufferers in the family! Luckily, you don’t need to compromise on colour or style! Low-pollen blooms like romantic roses or blousy peonies look gorgeous and are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Of course, using lots of lush greenery and dried grasses are super trendy options too.


Worried About Getting the Right Floral Balance?  Align Your Florals to Your Venue!

Not enough? Or too much? High vaulted ceilings and sweeping staircases or vintage townhouse vibes with cosy nooks - every venue has different spaces that can be optimised to your advantage. We work closely with many wedding venues across the North West and can advise on the best ways to make the most of your florals in every type of space. If it’s a venue we’re unfamiliar with then armed with a few photos we can use our expertise to advise. For bigger venues, our top tip is to create a statement piece that you can move to various rooms as you use them, rather than trying to fill each room with smaller arrangements. Not only is this more impactful but it’s more cost effective too!


Worried About Growing Costs? Your Florist Can Help You Make Your Budget Bloom!

Whatever the size of your budget the best way to make the most of it is to speak to your florist about the overall look you are trying to achieve. Florists can help you maximise your budget by guiding you through ways to save strategically. Whether that’s switching to an in-season flower that gives the same look (avoiding expensive import costs) or including lush greenery to enhance the look of your blooms without blowing your budget. Alongside giving ideas on how to reuse your flowers for the whole day (e.g. switching aisle flowers to table centres or creating statement pieces that can be moved and used in different areas throughout the day) will all help to maximise your budget. The key is to stay flexible to suggestions that prove to be cost-effective whilst still helping you achieve your dream wedding look. 


At the Flower Lounge we love a wedding! Why not check out our blog to see some of the beautiful big days we’ve worked on. If you’re looking for blooming gorgeous wedding flowers without any of the stress, why not get in touch?

6 Stress-Busting Wedding Flower Tips for Couples Planning Their Big Day!