Thank-you for choosing The Flower Lounge this Mother's Day

11 March 2016

We’re taking it a little bit easy today, well when I say that, I mean a slightly slower pace than the last few weeks anyway!  It has been an overwhelmingly successful and truly wonderful Mother’s Day at The Flower Lounge and we can’t thank our lovely customers and friends enough.  We snipped our way through 300 llilies, 1000 tulips, 900 roses and many more. We’ve created over 700 arrangements, of which our vintage-inspired bouquet was by far and away the most popular (can feel a trend blog coming on there!) and been greeted by the gleeful smiles of over 200 people as we made our deliveries - undeterred by sleet and snow! 

In fact, we made a grand total of 118 deliveries on Mother’s Day itself; seeing Steve expand his delivery team to 2 cars and a van with the help of our ever-supportive family and friends. The shop was a hive of activity all week, but unprecedented on Saturday with many collecting orders and many more looking to create the perfect last minute gifts for their mums.  There were even a few sheepish looking sons and husbands (sorry men, it’s true) who had clearly missed our earlier blog advice of planning in advance! But don’t worry, you weren’t nearly as sheepish as those that visited on Monday ;-)

Such fabulous results are testament to the ongoing support and unwavering loyalty of our customers and we simply couldn’t do this job without you.  It makes all the early starts, the freezing fingers and scissor nicks worth it!  We love what we do, but we love your reactions even more. Roll on Mother’s Day 2017…well after a quick brew first.