Understanding Funeral Flowers

18 March 2016

Being a florist can be a roller coaster of emotions. One moment we’ll be talking animatedly about weddings or christenings and the next we’ll be providing gentle guidance on the right type of flowers for a funeral. I always feel very privileged when a family requests that we provide flowers for their loved one, because it is their final & most personal gesture. There’s a huge responsibility to get it right.

But unlike happy occasions, where our customers have often put lots of thought into what they want, very few people plan for funerals. Having been dealt the blow of losing a loved one, the necessary and saddening details of organising a funeral can be overwhelming, so our job is to try and make flower arrangements as straightforward as possible; navigating the minefield of funeral etiquette on behalf of our customers.

If you’re having to plan a funeral, we thought our simple guide to the different types of arrangements might help prepare you to speak with your florist.

  • Posies and Baskets come in a variety of traditional and contemporary designs and can be sent directly to a funeral or sent as a tribute gift to a bereaved family. The ‘Posy’ is traditionally circular in shape allowing both flowers and foliage to be displayed perfectly from all angles. 
  • Funeral Sprays are a popular tribute expressing sympathy. Usually chosen by close family or the person making the funeral arrangements. Traditionally sprays come in both single ended and double ended designs. Double ended Sprays sometimes referred to as Casket Sprays are often laid on top of the coffin. Funeral Sprays are available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes designed to suit your specific requirements. 
  • Hand tied Sheaves, also referred to as a ‘Tied Sheaf’ are perfect for sending direct to a funeral and can be sent to a home address after a funeral as an alternative to a traditional bouquet. 
  • Floral wreaths are probably the best known of funeral and sympathy tributes. Their ornate circular design is extremely versatile. These are often sent direct to a funeral as a mark of respect.
  • Special tributes can come in all shapes and sizes and are a touching reflection of the deceased evoked through flowers. Whether it’s an arrangement inspired by a hobby, life-long passion or gestures such as a heart, funeral cross, floral cushion or letters, these tributes are personalised with your loved one in mind. Funeral flowers can spark wonderful memories of times past and lift the mood with stories and laughter about time spent together.

The type of flowers you use in your arrangements is a very much a personal decision. There’s no right or wrong. But if you’re interested in knowing a bit more about the meaning behind some of the most popular flowers for funerals we have summarised them in here in our blog.

We appreciate this is a hard time for all involved so if you’re looking for a helping hand to support you in choosing the right tribute, our compassionate and skilled florists will do their utmost to provide you with thoughtful and beautiful displays.

We have lots of information available on our website so please take a look at get in touch if we can help.