Spring in Full Bloom

After the recent equinox, it is officially spring and there’s a definite bounce in the team’s footsteps.  Spring is when the all the fresh sorbet colours start to appear in the shop and with them, a haze of intoxicating scent.

We’re especially lucky this year as the mild weather last December has seen many flowers blooming earlier than usual, meaning we have plenty of choice.  Including everyone’s favourite, the Peony. 

Typically seen much later in the season, these very feminine flowers come in shades of white, pink, cream and deep red with a sweet scent.  Classic and timeless, these stems look stunning displayed on their own or arranged with other traditional blooms such as roses or delphiniums.

Other flowers which looks pretty in vintage arrangements are Stocks.  Grown since Victorian times and synonymous with the English cottage garden, they come in pastel shades of pink, purple, yellow and white and symbolise a happy life.  But their single defining feature is their scent. Sweet with a spice-like finish, they are a perfect and inexpensive way to bring natural fragrance to your home.

Pronounced a-NEM-o-nee, Anemones have features of a wild flower with their long stems and delicate petals. Available in a variety of both bright and pale colours, these cheery stems brighten up even the dullest (supposedly spring) day and the mild winter means these beauties are available in abundance.

Finally, we’re enjoying another popular spring flower, the Ranunculus.  Not often found in supermarkets, Ranunculus are soft and feminine with a similar texture to the peony and found in a dazzling array of colours including cerise, pale pink, orange, red, white yellow and burgundy.  Like the Peony, these work well with a few stems of foliage or as part of a more whimsical bouquet.

Can’t make your mind up on which is your favourite spring flower?  We actively encourage you to pay a visit to the shop to see (and smell) all the wonderful flowers.  We can pretty much guarantee you’ll leave happier than when you arrived!


With thanks to Rona Wheeldon - New Covent Garden Market for use of some images

Spring in Full Bloom