Take a second look at artificial flowers

Unfortunately, artificial flowers suffer from a bit of a bad rep, often associated with sad B&B’s, cheap restaurants and granny’s coffee tables.  But they have come a long way in recent years, their superiority and realism is now second to none and definitely worth a second chance!

There are plenty of advantages to artificial flowers.  For one, they offer great value for money, never wilting or dying and so lasting for many years. They’re a great alternative for those who suffer with pollen-related allergies allowing them to enjoy the same colour and joy brought by their fresh counterparts. If you love lilies but have cats to whom they’re poisonous, fake ones also allow you to enjoy both (and save you the pain of pollen stains!).

Some hospitals will not allow fresh cut flowers onto wards anymore, so we have many customers who order artificial ones to cheer up their loved ones.  With silk and ‘real touch’ petals, they look every bit as lovely and have the added advantage of the patient being able to take them home with them!

For florists, artificial flowers have tons of flexibility for some really dramatic arrangements and are being used more and more for weddings and high end events.  Their spectacular colours, textures, durability and skilful craftsmanship nowadays mean people really do struggle to tell the difference. The secret is in the thickness of the material used and the talent of the artisan crafting them; the finer the thread used, the more authentic they look.

And the resurgence is unmistakeable.  John Lewis reported a huge surge in demand around Mother’s Day this year and influential designers and creatives such as faux florist Abigail Ahern and Friend of Faux are making them much more acceptable and, more importantly, desirable.

Whatsmore, the availability of artificial flowers is not dictated by seasons.  If you fancy summer blooms in winter or your favourite early spring blossom late on in the season, fake flowers give you access to your heart’s desire.  Currently, in store we stock orchids, amaryllis, hydrangea and peonies.  We are continuously sourcing new products to keep our range in line with current trends and are always happy to source and quote for specific requests.

We often use artificial flowers in our window and shop displays.  Their wired stems offer great versatility, a trait which makes them ideal for corporate arrangements.  Because of the low maintenance and high impact, they are perfect for show homes, shop windows and office corridors.  We’d always recommend fresh for receptions, restaurant tables and high traffic spaces - their scent plays a huge role in creating a relaxed and positive ambiance - but their mock relatives are ideal for spaces that may get neglected or stay static, requiring only a little cleaning.

Cleaning is easy too.  Simply use a light feather duster or give them a blast with a can of compressed air.  You could even use a hairdryer, on a cool setting!

Whether you want a bespoke arrangement for an area in your home, a striking focal point for a sad corner in your office or a display full of drama, height and creativity, we urge you to reconsider faux flowers.  While they may never replace the anticipation, pleasure or indulgence of a fresh bouquet, they have plenty of benefits and we challenge you to tell the difference!

Take a second look at artificial flowers