Inspiration from the RHS Tatton Flower Show

29 July 2016

I was lucky enough to attend the RHS Tatton Flower Show last week – some may say a busman’s holiday, but it’s such an inspirational and fun event that you can’t help but come away bursting with ideas.

As well as soaking up the atmosphere and chatting to the extremely gifted gardeners and exhibitors, I was there to support my very talented friend and colleague, Mark Entwistle, who with his team from the Cheshire Area of NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies) created a magnificent display winning a Gold Medal and Best Exhibit in the Floral Design Studio.

It was a stunning exhibit using bright and punchy colours, which was a very popular trend across many of the displays this year. 

Indeed, spotting the trends is something I always pay attention to as they can often signal what people will be wanting to see in their own homes and gardens. 

This year we had two very different looks.   

A Riot of Colour!

There was lots of drama with gardens bursting with bold, daring blooms. I saw red hot reds sitting easily alongside oranges and blues – not colours you would naturally put together, but for the summer they looked fabulous and you can’t help but smile when faced with such an explosion of colour!  This was illustrated in the ACE sensory garden which revolved around the use of bright reds and yellows.

If you want to mimic this style in your own home then a simple bouquet made up of hot, intense colours such as shocking pink, vibrant yellow and bright turquoise, is an easy way to pay homage to this trend. Gerberas, sunflowers and chrysanthemums play a big role in this look. Be brave, experiment and go for the flowers that leap out on you – they’ll certainly bring your home to life.

Natural and Wild…

The other strong trend from the show was the use of wild and naturalistic flowers. On the surface this can look like an easy look to recreate, but it takes some skill to get this relaxed, effortless effect.

‘Nature Nurture’ designed by Gold Medal Winner and RHS Young Designer of the Year, Caitlin McLaughlin, was a brilliant example of this. Representing an urban nature reserve, the garden created a calm space for people to relax. Inspired by the hedgerows and wildflower meadows across the UK, the planting was a calming blend of pinks and purples, with a mixture of native wild plants and naturalistic-style ornamentals woven through grasses.

This soft, meadow inspired trend is something we’ve seen grow immensely popular in our bouquets and especially at weddings.  Matracaria daisies, gypsophila, craspedia, thlapsi green bell and birch create beautiful wild effect bouquets and classic English country garden flowers such as roses, peonies and sweet peas, with their pretty pastel shades and soft hues, are also great additions. Using something with more structure, like Stocks as the base, will help you to more easily create this deconstructed style. 

We’ve got some great examples of these trends in our arrangements at The Flower Lounge, and I’ve included with this blog some lovely photos of bouquets we’ve designed recently as a bit of extra inspiration.  If you’d like us to create something special for you, then pop into the shop, get in touch or see what we have available on our website.

As for me, I’ll be taking all this inspiration and putting it into our designs for Summer/Autumn. Watch this space!