The Art of Romance

07 August 2016

We were inspired this week when Martyn, one of our past grooms here at The Flower Lounge, called to order a replica of his wife’s wedding bouquet to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary.  Call us sentimental, but we love a bit of old-fashioned romance and the gesture sent us all a bit smushy.

Romance can take a bit of planning, creativity and care.  Get it wrong and you can appear corny or cliché, but get it right, and it can be an exciting way to express your feelings for another.

Flowers are a time-honoured classic for romantic gestures.  Whether you’re just at the start of a new relationship or looking to keep an old one fresh, flowers are a guaranteed winner.  Follow our simple R.O.M.A.N.C.E steps to getting it right.

R is for Roses

We couldn’t do a blog about romance and not mention them could we?  The ultimate symbol of love and by no means reserved for Valentine’s Day. Available is sumptuous shades of red, crimson and purple or delicate hues of cream, pink and lilac, these stems instantly express your romantic intentions. We recommend combining large-headed grand prix varieties with spray roses or mixing them up hydrangeas and stems of hypericum berries.


O is for Old-fashioned

Whatever happened to the days of simple, old-fashioned romance?  Turning up to a date with a few simple stems or sending a small pretty posy the day after? Such a tiny gesture that makes a huge impression in ‘wooing’ the object of your affection.

Or what about date night for those of you in steady relationships – when did they go astray?  Hectic lives, demanding families, busy careers…take time out with your partner and re-ignite the early days of blushes and holding hands. Present her with flowers as well as compliments and you’re sure to stay in the good books.


M is for Message

We’re confident that our bouquets will speak a thousand words and sweet nothings, but sometimes a few words tucked in between the stems of our arrangements can turn something special into something unforgettable.

Stay simple, make it personal and keep it from the heart.  For the creative amongst you, a short poem can be fun. For the slightly clueless, take a look at our Valentine’s blog from earlier this year for some inspiration!


A is for Anniversaries

Celebrate, not just the obvious ones, but the anniversary of anything! Your first kiss, first date, your engagement. The first time he said I love you or the first time she got your sense of humour. The act of you remembering these tiny but important milestones in your relationship is what makes the gesture romantic. Mark the occasion with a simple stem or a more lavish arrangement, depending on the significance of your anniversary or its importance to your relationship. We think Martyn has the right idea!


N is for No Reason

Flowers for no reason is the ultimate in romantic acts. Just because. No more, no less.



C is for Choose Thoughtfully

Grab a droopy bunch of lacklustre carnations from the garage on your way home and your romantic gesture can quickly become insulting. Think about their favourite flower or favourite colours and let us create something truly deserving.  If you’re unsure, describe their personality and we’ll design a bouquet for Mr bright and energetic or Mrs loving and sentimental, that’s sure to be appreciated.


E is for Extras

Sometimes romance needs a little more; champagne, chocolates, cinema tickets? Use your flowers as a carrier for your overall message whether that’s “I love you”, “forgive me” or “I remember”.  We can’t arrange the cinema tickets (!) but we do have relationships with local suppliers Cocoa Cabana, Reserve and Belly Button Designs for all your card and gift requirements, plus we stock a divine range of Heyland & Whittle candles, soaps and creams if perhaps romance is staying home tonight…