5 reasons we need your wedding photos!

17 August 2016

So we’ve delivered your wedding flowers.

We’ve positioned the last votive on your table centres.

We’ve laughed with your dad as we pinned his buttonhole to the suit you insisted he wear.

We’ve watched the delight on your face as we hand you your bouquet.

Job done right?


There is quite simply nothing that beats seeing how our flowers make a difference to your special day.  That’s why we wait with baited breath to see the professional photographs, almost as excited as you are.

We urge all our brides to share their wedding day images with us and here’s 5 reasons why it matters so much.

  1. We’re creative, we like to sit back and admire our handiwork. We like to see how everything came together. And whoop! That colour was a perfect complement to that dress!
  2. We’re a visual industry and it’s so, so important that we’re able to showcase to others what we can do, what can be achieved and how different colours, textures or combinations can create different moods or impacts.
  3. Your ideas can inspire others. Not everyone is as clear about what they want as you may have been. They’re looking for ideas, want to see how you used your venue, what colours you opted for.  We can tell them, but nothing beats seeing them! And remember how much fun the idea-gathering stage was?
  4. Your photos are our perfect marketing tool! Nothing sells our work better than seeing the arrangement in situ accompanied by a blushing bride or happy guests.  So if you’re happy with our service, we like to show them (and you!) off when we can!
  5. Because at the end of the day, we deal in delivering happy.  We’re well on our way home by the time your guests arrive and you walk down the aisle, so we never get to see the full effect.  Your photos allow us to share in your day and reflect on just how beautiful your special moment was.

So when your friends and family are tired of you opening the album yet again or your likes on Facebook start to lose momentum, send them to us, we’ll share in your giddiness!

Photography shared by Johnboy Wilson Photography, Shutter Go Click Photography, James Tracey Photography, Jonny Draper Photography, Hayley Baxter Photography, ARJ Photography and Viva La Wedding