Wearing flowers in your hair: Our top 5 tips for stunning results

01 September 2016

The floral hair trend shows no sign of slowing and is a popular request from many of our brides.  Flowers are such an easy way to dress up an otherwise conventional up-do and add a gentle hint of prettiness and uniqueness to your wedding day look.  Even a messy bun gets transformed with a few well-placed blooms.

There are lots of options when it comes to using flowers as hair accessories and which you choose is entirely dependent on your personal and wedding style.  Wild and bohemian begs for a loose floral crown whereas an elegant English rose would suit dainty wisps of wax flower or spray rose buds.

They can be used instead of fascinators or hair clips; a single gardenia or cluster of orchids look amazing at the side of a slicked-back side-knot or classic chignon. The likes of Keira Knightly have been spotted with delicate floral hairbands which are a perfect finish to a more relaxed do.  Dainty wisps of gypsophila scattered throughout half up/half down hair looks so pretty, as does just one or two buds, complementing the flowers of your bouquet.

For the more confident or bold, our floral crowns make a real statement and are currently hugely in demand. Your wedding day is the one day you get to wear (and buy!) the dress of your dreams, why not go for it and live out your fantasy hair?  We’ve produced some stunning floral crowns and although they look great at a summer wedding, bold crimsons and rich reds really come into their own as winter choices, contrasting against the bride’s hair colour to stunning effect.

Wearing flowers in your hair can be tricky, but we’ve pulled together our top tips for the best chance of pulling them off!

1.Pick your flower. Flowers with strong stems and sturdy petals work best such as orchids or anemone, but avoid heavy flowers such as roses or tulips which tend to misbehave. If you want them to last into the night, select drier varieties like gypsophila, heather or lavender and pair with foliage or herbs.

2.Consider your outfit. Remember it’s a head-to-toe look so avoid large floral statements in the hair if you plan to wear a sparkly, sequinned or heavily detailed dress. They work best with a more natural look, complementing fabrics such as lace and silk.  Same goes with your hairstyle – if your hair is a masterpiece itself then flowers may just make everything look fussy.

3.Chill. Keep your hair flowers in water and/or in the fridge as long as possible, it will keep the blooms fresh and crisp for as long as possible.

4.Be last minute. Make them the last addition to your ensemble, and we mean last! No last spritz of hairspray or perfume as it will damage the petals and they’ll fade much quicker.

5.Get snap happy. Ensure you get plenty of photos early on while your flowers are looking fresh and at their best.

Flowers are so versatile and certainly not just for bouquets or centrepieces. They’re not just for wedding’s either!  Consider a floral addition to your hairstyle for Ladies Day at the races or your work’s Christmas do and be a real talking point.

We’re happy to give you advice and ideas as part of your wedding consultation or just swing by the shop for less formal occasion, but give them a go – instant transformation guaranteed!