Flowers to beat the winter blues

I am writing this blog while peering through a window covered with raindrops at a dark, grey and threatening sky. All the lights are on (it’s 10am) and my coat is hanging on the end of the stairs, dripping. The winter months can be gloomy and cruel and you’d be forgiven if the relentless wet weather of this past week has started to get you down.

But fear not, The Flower Lounge to the rescue! Flowers are scientifically proven to elevate your mood and funnily enough, we have those in abundance. We guarantee that by bringing a little bit of nature into your home with their bright, happy colours and stress-alleviating scent, joy will be restored to these dreary months.

Fresh, vibrant and colourful flowers have the ability to energise, spark positivity and lift moods, while their scent can evoke happy memories of cheerier seasons. Place a bright arrangement in key positions such as your nightstand or hallway so they are the first thing you are greeted with when you wake up or walk in. Position them in rooms where you spend a lot of time to make curling up with a book that much warmer or serving your Sunday roast that bit more inviting. And don’t forget your desk at work; even just a small vase with a few simple stems can trigger a brighter attitude for the day ahead.

Choose colours and varieties that make you think of the sunny, cheerful months ahead and keep you going through the cold spell. Despite the desolate and bleak appearance of your garden, there are plenty of beautiful and surprisingly delicate blooms in season right now. Dainty anemones, hydrangeas and astilbe are gorgeous winter flowers, looking pretty en masse or as the hero in a profusion of foliage. Hardy tulips and lilies are also going strong at this time of year and look equally stunning in winter white or in warmer pinks. You can also choose from bright chrysanthemums in a variety of shapes and sizes or classic, geometrically-pleasing dahlias. Even greenery on its own can work its winter-blues-beating magic, whether a collection of single stemmed foliage in mis-match bud vases, bold succulents or one of our ample Boston fern house plants.

Flowers are clever things. As well as the fresh cut variety, the addition of some floral art, bold wallpaper, a delicate flower-patterned bed spread or pretty bloom fabric cushions can help bring a sense of calm and general wellbeing. The main point being, don’t let the wet and weary weather pull you into a downward spiral of doom and gloom.  Let nature do its thing and bounce you back into top form.

With the added bonus of home delivery, you don’t even need to contemplate throwing all those heavy layers back on to head out of the house. You might even want to consider treating yourself (or hinting to someone else) to our Flowers for 6 Months package to ensure we see you right the way through your winter hibernation.

Last but not least, remember, if you feel like the winter blues are setting in, you can bet friends and family feel the same, so why not brighten their day with a bright and beautiful bouquet?  Aside of the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get from sending them, the elation the recipient will feel and the happiness the flowers will give, will ensure you can both settle into a cosier and more content mindset to combat even the harshest of winters.

Flowers to beat the winter blues