Making Business Bloom

08 November 2015

For every type of business, both big and small, flowers can help create a stimulating place to work and play a key part in reinforcing your business brand to customers. Whether it’s an office, reception, lobby or corporate event, the key is choosing flowers for freshness, longevity and of course design – and we pride ourselves in bringing colour and creativity to offices across Greater Manchester.

It may not be a top priority for every business, whilst for some of the bigger venues, such as hotels, they often have a floral design strategy! But one thing is clear, floral arrangements whatever the size or budget can breathe new life into a space and can help convey a sense of your business style and values.

With our years of experience we thought we’d share out top 5 reasons and recommendations for corporate flowers.

1. A warm welcome. Freshly cut flowers help both staff ad visitors feel welcome and at home. Whether it’s a colourful bouquet to brighten the back office or specially selected blooms to provide the ‘wow’ factor on reception, flowers have the power to enhance the environment in which they are placed. The right arrangement can also help to attract the eye, drawing attention to a message you would like visitors to read or even your marketing literature. Conversely a flourishing floral display can act as a screen to hide away a part of the office you’d rather not expose…

2. Build your Brand. Colour is a large part of corporate identity and flowers can therefore be used in many ways to reinforce a brand. The style and choice of flower and vase can make a huge statement about your business so it’s important to think about what you want your employees and customers to feel and experience and make sure this complements your brand. Some businesses will opt for a standardised arrangement with the same sort and style of flowers so that there is a consistency and recognition of where you are, every time you visit. Alternatively, some businesses want to create a changing talking point and choose very different bespoke arrangements to impress their customers and stimulate conversation.

When it comes to your next product or venue launch, corporate or private dinner, sporting event or trade show, flowers can really make a statement and be tailored to the marketing and sales strategy. On every scale imaginable, from creative table centres to marquee transformations immaculate styling, and professional delivery and unparalleled levels of service throughout. We can make a real statement at your next event.

3. Themes. Flowers are possibly the easiest way of creating a seasonally themed environment, without redecorating! Choosing flowers that are in season and reflect the time of year can help change the atmosphere of an office. This is particularly true with Christmas just around the corner. A tastefully selected Christmas arrangement can help get everyone in the festive mood. Whether that’s in the office or for your Christmas party or corporate event, decorations can go beyond the odd scattering of tinsel. From traditional table centrepieces, garlands and wreaths, to impressive and imaginative displays; combining fresh flowers with festive touches can speak volumes about your business and help you engage with people on an emotional level, particularly at Christmas!

4. The feel-good factor. We all know that flowers make us feel good but there is much evidence to suggest that plants and flowers have health and productivity advantages too. As well as helping to purify the air we breathe, a study in the U.S. found that both men and women performed better in an environment that was decorated with fresh plants and flowers, making the employees more innovative, creative and better at problem solving. That’s why you’ll find everyone working at The Flower lounge a happy, dynamic bunch!

5. Don’t rush. Given the impact that flowers can have it’s important to take some time with your chosen florist so they can really understand your objectives and brand. Here at The Flower Lounge we like to visit an office or venue so we can really get a sense of how to maximise the potential of flowers and make sure we can create something that will be used to best effect. You want your money to work hard for you so work in partnership with your florist and you’ll reap the benefits.

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