Flower trends to look out for in 2017

Pantone announced earlier in December that the Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery and so it is no coincidence that the flower trends for this year reflect this choice perfectly.

As always Flower Trends Forecast have identified four key looks for the year ahead and each of them are rooted heavily lush greens featuring heavy masses of foliage in all glorious shades from sapphire to emerald, lime to olive, and everything in between.

Here’s our overview of what will be trending throughout the world of floristry, floral wedding design and, naturally, The Flower Lounge product range.

French Connection

Inspired by the home décor and textiles of French country and Parisian style, this look uses deep tones of ruby and chocolate alongside pastel hues of champagne, blush pink and pale blue.  Arrangements are luxurious and romantic and true centre pieces, often presented in pedestal vases or dramatic ceramic containers.  Big, blousy blooms are key such as hydrangea, roses and peonies, enhanced by flourishing foliage and trailing jasmine.

Force of Nature

Defined by its serene ocean shades of blues and greens, this look is very free, loose and overflowing, reflecting the uncontrolled and unpredictable style of nature.  Bursting with texture provided by natural pods and flowers such as scabiosa and variegated foliage, it’s the elegant orchid, blossoming hydrangea and vibrant pops of colour provided by stem-dipped flowers which take centre stage.  Displays within this trend are complemented by aged containers and artisan glass, creating an overall calm and relaxing vision.

Modern Wonders

Modern simplicity meets Asian culture with this contemporary look.  Although deep, brick red is the dominant colour, warm shades of gold, bronze and orange mix with cooler shades of blue and lilac, using striking flowers such as orchids and tropical anthurium.  Metallic and natural, organic vessels are essential to complete this look.

Into the Jungle

Inspired by exotic climes, this style injects brilliant colour into a forest of tropical foliage including mosses, vines and bamboo.  Calla lilies, birds of paradise, protea and freesia in vibrant shades of orange, yellow and red give this trend its jungle vibe.  Ideal for big and bubbly personalities.

You can view our current range of designs influenced by these inspiring trends on our old website – they are currently in transit across to their brand spanking new home at www.theflowerlounge.co.uk – available to purchase online or in store now!

Flower trends to look out for in 2017