Make a point of marking International Womens Day with flowers

Wednesday 8th March will see dozens of cities and countries all over the world observing International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements and campaigning for gender equality.

The event is marked with arts performances, talks, conferences, networking events and rallies and this year Manchester is hosting its first International Women’s Day festival with themes around #StrongMcrWomen.

Many choose to celebrate the fabulous women in their lives with flowers and gifts presented to wives, girlfriends, mothers and female friends.  While it may sound a little like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day (very relevant in the cutting room right now!), International Women’s Day, or IWD, is about a lot more than just saying thank-you. It’s about showing we’re-not-worthy respect and maximum appreciation for the important role these women play in your life and recognising their awesome achievements.  It could be that they have set up their own business (hey, me too!), made sacrifices to care for others or championed a local campaign.  It could be about running for office, pushing for an overdue promotion or working their blinkin’ socks off at being an awe-inspiring single parent.  Heck, it could be simply about the fact that they ensure you get to where you need to be, with what you need, wearing an ironed shirt or with a packed lunch and completed homework!

In fact, we’re loving the #DayWithoutAWoman campaign that’s gathering momentum.  Where would our daily lives be without the amazing contribution these women make to our social, political and economic well-being and general happiness? We’re getting involved in a light-hearted way over on Facebook, so keep an eye out for our #IWD17 competition next week.

In the meantime, why not surprise the inspiring ladies in your life with a beautiful bouquet and let them know how important they are in your life? Not sure where to start? Well why not look at the personality traits revealed by the flowers themselves:

Orchids – lover of luxury

Calla lilies – strong & silent type

Hydrangea – a real team player

Rose – the ultimate sophisticate

Peony – lives in the moment

Iris – creative

Lilies – truly inspirational

Sunflower – eternally optimistic

You can take hints from their personal style in fashion and décor or you can simply rely on us to create something beautiful and stunning, just like them! Call us today or order online.

Make a point of marking International Womens Day with flowers