Spring is in the Air

There’s definitely a spring in people’s step now March has finally arrived and we start to see sunshine stream through our windows, brightening our homes.

Here in the shop we are loving the arrival of masses of ranunculus, anemone and peonies, with their fresh sorbet colours and intoxicating scent, making us all feel a little more giddy than usual! It’s that time of year when our customers come in looking for flowers to freshen up spaces in their home.  Where once there was darkness, now there is light, and it makes us all yearn for colour and fragrance.

Choosing from the array of beautiful Spring flowers often isn’t the problem, it’s deciding which bouquet and size of bouquet to choose. Are there rules?  Not really, but we certainly have some top tips to think about before buying a bouquet, whether it’s for you or as a gift.


Get in the mood

Flowers can work in almost any room but colour and scent can affect your mood. For the bedroom you may opt for a romantic collection of abundant Sweet Avalanche and spray roses, fragrant stocks, wisps of genista like those in our pink rose bouquet. In the kitchen, you may want to be greeted with a more vibrant mix that wakes you up first thing in the morning. A pop of purple lisianthus, nestled amongst roses and glossy green foliage would do more for you than any cup of caffeine; why not choose a natural mood enhancer!


Space…size matters!

Different sized arrangements look better in different environments. Think about the how much space you have and what table the flowers will be placed. If you have a large coffee table or hallway console, then this can take a larger, oversized arrangement – a real statement piece. Consider the exquisite Phalaenopsis orchids in a hammered gold bowl with pussy willow detail - an elegant greeting for when you open your front door. If you’re looking for flowers to brighten a narrow fireplace mantle or small side table then you’ll need something more compact, such as a small mixed tulip vase or spray roses, that aren’t going to be crushed against the wall or (god forbid) knocked over!


What’s your style?

Flowers can really help to define and amplify your home style. So, think about the type and colour of blooms that will complement your existing décor. Choosing a bouquet that reflects the colours used in your home and accessories will instantly magnify the impact your flowers have. If your style is minimal with hues of grey, taupe and white then our vintage inspired bouquet with soft muted shades would be perfect. If you’ve got bright accents, then give it a boost with an extra pop of colour, such as our vibrant yellow hand tied bouquet.



We’re lucky to be surrounded with flowers every day but when choosing your bouquet, budget is important. Once you’ve considered the room, décor, space and chosen your preferred flowers, you’ll almost always be able to get the desired arrangement at different price points.  We’ve given an example in our photos below of a spring bouquet created using soft pink roses, stocks and alstroemeria at £35, £50 and £65, so you can see the size to budget ratio. Sometimes we have the luxury of blowing the budget for that extra special bouquet but remember, bigger isn’t always better if you’ve only got a small space to work with. Think budget and proportion!


Let it Shine!

We always want to place our flowers in their best possible light, but that means they’ll bloom best away from direct sunlight, radiators and open windows. Change the water daily and keep the vase clean for the perfect, long-lasting display.


Keep these top tips in mind and with a little work and testing what looks best where you’ll have a home that welcomes you into Spring. 

Take a look at our website for more inspiration or come down to the shop for the full hit of fragrance!


Spring is in the Air