Autumn – The Best Time of Year

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year.  After the lush greenery and bright flowers of summer, this cooler season brings with it a warm richness in colour, texture and shape that, for a florist, opens up a wealth of possibilities.

October, in particular, is when the autumnal colours are at their most spectacular, creating dramatic displays in red and golden shades. Seeds, grasses and berries come to the forefront of designs resulting in dramatic and theatrical structures. And the flowers brave enough to survive the chillier weather seem especially precious, their delicate blooms raising their heads in golden and orange hues.

While the season also brings with it a distinct lowering in temperature and increase in rainfall (!), here’s the reasons I love and embrace this time of year.

  1. Blowing away the cobwebs

Nothing symbolises Autumn like the crunch and rustle of leaves. Walking Charlie during Autumn not only gives me an excuse to drag out the oversized scarfs and comfy wellies, but the incredible show provided by mother nature is a massive source of inspiration for me. The trend for naturalistic designs shows no sign of slowing with wild, loose bouquets growing in popularity for weddings and floral arrangements using tumbling blooms and foraged foliage following nature’s natural patterns. So seeing how colours blend and flora moves during this transitional season, is nourishing for the soul.

  1. Colour FULL

This is the time of year when you will see rustic reds, deep plums, hints of gold, dark browns and everything in between. They make for sumptuous designs and heart-warming bouquets. Stereotypically, autumn designs are associated with yellows and orange, which do look incredible, but combinations of crimson, plum and masala or deep red, scarlet and damson look equally superb and entirely appropriate.

  1. Textures in abundance

Texture and shape is a central focus in autumnal displays. Seed pods, seasonal fruits, jagged leaves and hardy herbs all affect flow, positioning and contrast.  This season, expect to see plenty of on-trend scabious, popular hypericum berries and snowberries, seasonal rosehips and crab apples as well as towering branches and stems.  Grasses are also big right now with pampas and fountain grass varieties making a big come back.


  1. Precious blooms

People tend to think of Autumn and Winter as a time of no growth when it comes to flowers.  In actual fact, there are some very pretty, delicate and brave blooms available. Hydrangeas look stunning now as their petals start to tinge with red or green. Dahlias add unexpected and exuberant colour and so adds a cheerful and playful touch to displays.  Chrysanthemums too are going strong, available in seasonal shades of red, gold and orange, ideal for a distinctly Autumn arrangement.  Also look out for asters and anemone in a stunning array of colours.

  1. Conceptual structure

Armfuls of vivid leaves, fountains of berries and tall, dramatic branches make for architectural structures and statement pieces that can look particularly effective in office receptions, hallways at home or as table centrepieces. The height combined with the naturalistic style is striking and showy, yet surprisingly easy to achieve.  The key is to work with the natural structure of the foliage or blooms being used; don’t force them to sit where you want them, just go with the flow…

Yes, it’s cold, and often wet but Autumn really is a stunningly beautiful time of year and I encourage you to step outside to breath it all in.  For the enthusiasts among you, now is an ideal time to forage and experiment with your own creations.  Alternatively, you may want to consider one of our Autumn Creative workshops where we give you the practical skills and inspiration to create something truly deserving of this spectacular time of year.  Book now!

Autumn – The Best Time of Year