Our Ultimate Guide to Gift Buying

Made a list? Checked it twice? Maybe three or four times? Still a few people that you’re struggling for ideas for? Fear not, we can help with our ultimate guide to gift buying.

Recipient – The One Who Has Everything

You know the one. The person who just buys the stuff they like when they see it, rather than helpfully waiting until after Christmas, seemingly one step ahead of every idea you have come up with.

Gift idea

Why not buy them a place on one of our Creative Workshops? Kicking off again in Spring, budding florists can choose from hand-tied bouquets or Spring wreaths and indulge their artistic side. Available to book now via Eventbrite.

Photos taken by Sian Astley 

Recipient – The Perfectionist

They like things just so. Every decision is a careful one, making you a nervous wreck when it comes to choosing their gift. It has become a habit to include the receipt with every gift you’ve ever given them.

Gift idea

Consider our gift vouchers. Far from being the easy option, this is the gift of their dreams as they can to select their favourite flowers and colours to match their pantone-perfect colour scheme and is the ultimate finishing touch.

Recipient – The One You Need to WOW

This is the person you need to seriously impress or to whom you owe a big debt of gratitude. Whether the mother-in-law (to be), your incredible wife or perhaps someone who has just gone above and beyond, you need something that will seriously blow their socks off.

Gift idea

Pick our ‘Flowers for a Year.’ Available as a 6-month or 12-month option, this guarantees an incredible, seasonal and fresh arrangement of flowers, delivered to their door every month. The ultimate in indulgence, this gift will undoubtedly impress and get you in the good books!

Recipient – The One You Forgot

With so much going on at this time of year, it can be very easy to forget one or two people off your present list. Your child’s teacher? Childminder? Boss? Music teacher? Dog Walker? Babysitter? We tend to focus so much on friends and family that we forget the other people in our lives who play such an important role. 

Gift idea

A beautiful fresh bouquet of stunning seasonal flowers are the perfect solution and because they are best given fresh, you have every excuse to explain why your gift is last minute!  We’re taking orders right up to the day before Christmas Eve, with local delivery up to 1pm on Christmas Eve itself.

Recipient – The Last Minute or Unexpected Guests 

We all have them. “Great news! Auntie so and so will be paying us a visit” or “You don’t mind setting one more place, do you dear?” Well no, but I don’t have a gift!

Gift idea

Our vast selection of houseplants and potted succulents could come to the rescue here.  Ready to go in attractive pots and delicate containers, these can be bought ‘just in case’ with the advantage of making your home look beautiful in the meantime and added bonus of being yours to nurture and enjoy in the New Year if they go unclaimed! Win, win!

Recipient – The One Who Has Done All The Hard Work

Get in! You’re not hosting this year! But spare a thought for the one who is. The one who’s fretting about the turkey defrosting, whether they have enough chairs and how many they can squeeze in to sleep over. 

Gift idea

You’re incredibly appreciative, so show it. Arrive with one our striking candle arrangements that will look perfect on the table or displayed in their home, welcoming all their numerous guests.  Choose from icy white, using stunning avalanche roses and frosty snowberries, or a natural, sweet-smelling display heaving with pine, fir and dried fruits.

Recipient – The One Who Needs to Just Relax

The one who is running around like a headless chicken, who goes nowhere without THE LIST, who is braving The Trafford Centre and up to their eyeballs in Sellotape…YOU!

Gift idea

Unwind with one of our divine soy wax candles from The Naked Candle Company. Their winter range just smells amazing and will help slow you down into a more relaxed state – besides which, now you’ve read this blog, we’ve solved half your present woes, so time to put your feet up! 

Sorry we can’t help with the turkey…


Our Ultimate Guide to Gift Buying