Flower trends predicted for 2016

If you’re someone who likes to stay ahead of the latest trends in fashion, decor or otherwise, then you might be interested to see the flower trend predictions for 2016.  Pulled together by flowertrendsforecast.com, aspects of styling and colour as well as flower types are considered and are set to lead the way in floral design this year; with a colourful bang, we’re pleased to say!

First up, Festival.  Made up of hot, intense colours including shocking pink, vibrant yellow and bright turquoise, you won’t be able to miss this one!  Gerberas, sunflowers and chrysanthemums play a big role in this look, loosely gathered and echoing global hand-crafts, fabrics and ethnic beads.  Bright ceramics and colourful glass containers will finish this look off.

Next we have Lustre which follows on from the popular metallic trend of 2015.  As you’d expect, Lustre embraces copper, champagne, gold and silver colours, softened with rose gold and starkly contrasted with ink black.  This is a very elegant look that relies heavily on gilded accessories and high sheen containers, with tulips, carnations, calla lilies and roses in soft white and pink hues being central in any display.

The Lavish trend is a garden-style look with plenty of foliage and rich textures.  Berries, succulents and greenery feature alongside dahlias, spray roses and stock in largely pink tones ranging from delicate pink and lavender to rhubarb and crimson.  Variety and volume are key and are best presented in vintage containers and glassware.

Finally we have Sorbet, a refreshing and lively look that will see us all waking up happy!  Colours are soft ice-cream shades such as buttercup yellow, spring green and pink lavender and are embodied through calla lilies, chrysanthemums, delphiniums, orchids and tulips.  Intended to be quite modern and geometric, this trend looks incredible in modern shaped vessels of cement or wood, or bright ceramics in similar colours.

Here at The Flower Lounge, you’ll begin to see some of these trends emerge in the arrangements and bouquets we have a free reign over, but we expect to see many of our customers start to request these independently, especially those of you in the know ;0)

Feel free to get in touch and we can create an on-trend bouquet just for you!


Flower trends predicted for 2016