High quality fresh cut flowers, conditioned to last, is our promise to you with every bouquet or display we create. Once home, there are one or two simple things you can do to maximise the life of your blooms.



Your flowers will arrive ready to display, but will always benefit from fresh, clean water, mixed with the sachet of flower food provided.

Display the flowers in a cool, light location away from draughts, radiators, direct heat, sunshine or fresh fruit.

Refresh your flowers after 2-3 days. Remove from the vase and re-cut stems by 1-2cm at an angle using sharp scissors or secateurs and replace in fresh water in a clean vase.

As time goes on, remove wilting or dead flowers to avoid contaminating those still going strong or consider removing the happy blooms to create smaller displays around your home.


Seasonal Flower Care

The variety of flowers in season change all year round. Here you’ll find specific care advice to enjoy those fleeting flowers while they’re at their best.



Lisianthus require a lot of water, so keep an eye on water levels and top up regularly, remembering to clean the vase each time and topping up with flower food every 2-3 days.

Keep away from direct light, draughts or radiators as lisianthus will deteriorate quickly in these environments. Good care will be rewarded as they can last anywhere from 10 days to 2 weeks and beyond!


Boston Ferns enjoy weekly watering sessions, keeping their soil moist but not wet and avoiding letting the pot sit in water. Mist regularly to keep humidity levels high and position in a bright spot, but with indirect light – bathrooms are ideal. Avoid watering from above, keep your can at soil level just above their roots and note that yellowing or wilted leaves is usually a sign of overwatering, so be quick to adjust your watering routine if needed. A quick touch of the soil should let you know.


Alstroemeria flowers are really long-lasting if cared for properly. Trim and get them in water as soon you receive them and place them ideally somewhere near a window. They like light, but not too much, so a room that perhaps has morning sun and afternoon shade would be ideal.

They are extremely sensitive to ethylene gas, naturally given off by ripening fruits and vegetables, so steer clear of the fruit bowl!


Before placing your lilies in fresh water with your cut-flower feed, make sure you remove any leaves from below the water line – and that the vase is sturdy enough to take the height and heft of the stems!

Lilies need sun to grow, but once cut, they’ll do best in a cool place out of direct sunlight. This will maximise their longevity and fragrance. Pinch off the pollen as you don’t want any to get on the flower’s petals as it can shorten the time your flowers will look their best.


One of our most popular flowers, the rose is very simple to care for. Regular fresh water is key, at least every 1-2 days, as roses resting in stale water will wilt rapidly.

They will always benefit from the flower food provided with your bouquet too and make sure to use very sharp secateurs when cutting the stems to avoid tearing or damaging the tip. Trim the lower leaves; any leaves sat in water will rot quickly, causing your rose heads to droop and contaminating other flowers in the display.


Even if you intend on drying your fresh eucalyptus, as many of our customers do, it will benefit from being placed in water first. This slows down the drying process and stops the leaves crinkling. Simply leave the stems in the water until it evaporates.

Although we would recommend avoiding a clear glass vase as eucalyptus has a habit of turning the water an ugly brown; perfectly safe for them, but not particularly nice to look at!


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