High quality fresh cut flowers, conditioned to last, is our promise to you with every bouquet or display we create. Once home, there are one or two simple things you can do to maximise the life of your blooms.



Your flowers will arrive ready to display, but will always benefit from fresh, clean water, mixed with the sachet of flower food provided.

Display the flowers in a cool, light location away from draughts, radiators, direct heat, sunshine or fresh fruit.

Refresh your flowers after 2-3 days. Remove from the vase and re-cut stems by 1-2cm at an angle using sharp scissors or secateurs and replace in fresh water in a clean vase.

As time goes on, remove wilting or dead flowers to avoid contaminating those still going strong or consider removing the happy blooms to create smaller displays around your home.


Seasonal Flower Care

The variety of flowers in season change all year round. Here you’ll find specific care advice to enjoy those fleeting flowers while they’re at their best.


Summer Houseplant Care

You might be out enjoying your garden, but don’t forget about your indoor plants in summer. Make sure they’re not too exposed to sunlight and keep them away from the breeze of fans. Water whenever the soil feels dry, which you may notice occurs more often, and feed once a week.

Keep an eye out for pests which enjoy the warmer weather too. Finally, when you go away, don’t be tempted to leave them standing in water. Instead, give them a good drink in the sink, then lift them out to ensure the roots can breathe.

Caring for Roses

One of our most popular flowers, the rose is very simple to care for. Regular fresh water is key, at least every 1-2 days, as roses resting in stale water will wilt rapidly.

They will always benefit from the flower food provided with your bouquet too and make sure to use very sharp secateurs when cutting the stems to avoid tearing or damaging the tip. Trim the lower leaves; any leaves sat in water will rot quickly, causing your rose heads to droop and contaminating other flowers in the display.

Caring for Hydrangeas

When cutting these blousy blooms, cut the stems at an angle, then cut the again, up towards the flower head. These are thirsty flowers so need as much surface area as possible to drink.

Once cut, dip the tips in boiling water for 10 seconds to stop the sap from seeping which can clog and prevent the hydrangea from being able to take up water. Hydrangeas are also able to drink through the blooms! Mist them every day to keep them extra hydrated. Told you they were thirsty flowers!

Enjoying garden-cut flowers

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden full of colourful flowers, you might be tempted to cut a few stems to enjoy indoors. This is an especially good idea if you spot a perfect flower with a broken stalk or want to rescue a flower struggling under its own weight.

Cut at least two inches off the base of the stem and place in lukewarm water rather than cold to limit any shock. Make sure there are no leaves below the water line and change water daily, keeping them out of any harsh environments.

Caring for Delphiniums

The stems of hollow-stemmed flowers such as delphiniums need to be filled with water. Simply turn the flower upside down and pour water into the open cavity of the stalk. Place your thumb over the opening at the bottom of the stem and then put it in the water, trapping it inside and helping to keep the stem strong and straight.

Any bouquet arranged by us using delphinium will have had the stem conditioned in this way, but it will do no harm to repeat the process when refreshing your arrangement.

Extending the Life of your Bouquet in Summer

Summer temperatures can cause your hand-tied bouquet to wilt quicker that normal. A few quick tips to extend the life of your arrangement include changing the water regularly and using flower food with each refresh.

Make sure your vase is spotlessly clean to keep any bacteria at bay and be quick to remove dead leaves. Keep flowers away from the direct sunlight and choose to display them in cooler rooms. Finally, if you plan to be away a night or two, you can actually keep most flowers in the fridge!


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