Dazzling Dahlias

It’s that time of year when the sassy and exuberant Dahlia dominates and we love it.  Dahlia season means one thing: bold colour, and lots of it!

These showy blooms come into their own during late summer and into autumn with an array of shapes, sizes and vibrancy. In fact, there are over 19 varieties with flowers resembling peonies, daisies, water lilies and even cacti!

Their large heads and the fiesta of colour make them attention-grabbing but the key to their charm is in their symmetry; nature at its most artistic. Repetition of masses upon masses of petals make them quite mesmerizing and modern.

This striking and graphic quality makes them a popular choice for modern weddings although their festive colours and mix of shapes are equally at home with more rustic and relaxed events.

Kept in a vase, Dahlias are the longest-lasting cut flower.  They can be combined with other flowers to great effect but look simply spectacular on their own, working much like the peony, hydrangea or rose.

They are meant to express commitment and a bond that lasts forever, a bold gesture matched by their bold nature. They are a firm florist favourite, bringing an injection of colour and joy to many of our bouquets and arrangements right now – come join the party and order one today!

Pictures courtesy of Jonny Draper Photograhy and via Pinterest - see more here

Dazzling Dahlias