An alternative Valentines

Do you find Valentine’s Day more of a thorn in your side than moonlight and roses?  Then our guide to the alternative V-Day could be just what you need!

Dare to be different

Roses are such a classic symbol of romance that it can be a brave move to choose an alternative. But there is a lot to be said for the man or woman who dares to be different and there are plenty of blooms with wildly romantic meanings…and not a thorn in sight!

Tulips, in a rich mix of deep reds and purples, have all the glamour and seduction of roses, without the predictability.  Our Red Parrot tulips look especially stunning with their fluttering petals and vintage edge.

Ranunculus too are available in shades of masala and ruby and are jam-packed with so many petals they are simply mesmerising; a stunning way to tell someone how dazzled you are by their beauty.

Pink is a more delicate, romantic hue and is perfect for those in an early relationship. Subtle and flirty, they show your affection in a light-hearted and gentle way.

The lily is an imposing bloom, evoking power and compassion. Teamed with masses of eucalyptus foliage, they make a resplendent arrangement and a real statement.

Orchids are classically elegant, symbolising purity and strength.  A gift of our Phalaenopsis orchid presented in either a simple, ceramic vase or indulgent, hammered gold planter speak volumes about the tenacity and beauty of your relationship.  Along with our geometric succulent arrangement, it also has the added advantage of being a long-term gift, lasting well beyond the clichés and fuss of Valentine’s Day.

Times, they are a changing

Flowers are more than acceptable for today’s modern man.  Whether you’re looking for grand romantic gestures or simple modern office arrangement, we can help you choose something suitably masculine and promise even our ribbon is a manly midnight shade!

We suggest avoiding pastel colours or busy arrangements, opting for more monochromatic palettes and large-headed blooms such as hydrangea and heliconia.  Men often like tropical flowers for their contemporary feel or again plants with clean lines or simple shapes.

Go ahead, try turning the tables this year. You might be pleasantly surprised by his reaction.

Girls just wanna have fun!

Galentine’s Day is quite simply Valentine’s Day for ‘gals’.  Celebrated on February 13th, it’s a trend gaining momentum and is the ideal time to revel in girl power and female friendship. These ladies are likely to have been with you through thick and thin, so show them how much you love them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Opt for soft bouquets with pink roses, alstromeria and waxflower for the feminine touch.

Anything but SAD

Singles Awareness Day is anything but S.A.D. as singletons all over the world reclaim the month of Feb. Traditionally recognised on February 15th, it is a great opportunity to remind yourself just how awesome you really are with or without another half.  So awesome in fact, that you deserve a flamboyant bouquet of flowers, hand-delivered to your desk or front door.  Aside of the advantage of choosing the exact blooms you adore, they will boost your self-confidence and inject a happy hit of colour and scent; the perfect antidote to the soppy love bubbles and puppy dog eyes.  Keep things light and fun - hydrangea, tulips or sunflowers are ideal – spoil yourself or a friend and embrace your single status!

All work and no play

If you’re a business looking to woo clients or say a heartfelt thank-you, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to piggyback a tradition and up your marketing or new business drive.  Generate a little brand love, show your appreciation to long-standing customers or attract some new ones! We can help you choose the ideal gift bouquet and can even suggest blooms to work with your brand colours.

Similarly, flowers are a great way to show how much you value your staff.  What if a single rose greeted every employee on Valentine’s morning?  Off the back of dry January and winter dreariness, this could be a great way to have fun at the office and lighten things up a little. 

However you choose to celebrate Valentines, we relish this time of year. Yes, it keeps us more than a little busy and our hands will be sore and raw by the time we’ve cut, arranged and tied a zillion bouquets but all the love in the air is infectious, no matter how you choose to show it.

An alternative Valentines