Seasonal Blooms for Autumn

One of the things that excites me most about being a florist is the change of season we’re lucky enough to experience in the UK, and the beautiful new blooms each season brings.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, the leaves are changing, the mornings are bright and chilly, and a whole host of flowers, foliage and grasses become their vibrant and textured best.

To give you a guide to some of the seasonal flowers that will begin to feature heavily in our florist choice hand-tied bouquets, autumn weddings and overflowing from our award-winning shop, we’ve written a blog bursting with colour. We shine a light on those gorgeous blooms that come in to season this time of year including hydrangea, pampas grass, berries, sanguisorbia and the most amazing chrysanthemums you’ve ever seen. Enjoy!



The once unfashionable hydrangea is now back in fashion with a bang! They come in a rich range of colours: crimsons, greens, blues, creams, pinks turning to biscuit browns and ochres as the sun cools and autumn appears. I particularly love the rustic, vintage, sepia tones of autumnal hydrangeas. And the large, cloud-like flowerhead, made up of delicate individual petals looks stunning in bouquets, floral arrangements and larger installations. I’m even partial to a dried hydrangea, as it holds its dramatic structure so well.

Pampas Grass

Whimsical, feathery and ethereal, pampas grass is a must for the most fashionable brides and the most stylish interiors. Due to its size, it frames other florals and greenery perfectly; and because of its neutral muted tones, it contrasts beautifully with most flowers and foliage.

I love how pampas grass can be used for both subtle and dramatic floral statements. From adding a few fronds to a wedding bouquet for extra texture and softness, to creating draw dropping displays for corporate clients that take advantage of the size of this gentle giant of a plant.

Hypericum Berries

Hypericum berries start out as bright yellow, star-shaped flowers in midsummer and the berries only develop after the blooms fade away in late summer. The smooth, shiny berries, clustered on woody stems, come in an array of different colours from brown, green, white and ivory to red, pink, coral and peach. They are perfect to add colour, shine, texture and volume to bouquets and displays, adding little buds of joy.


Sanguisorba, commonly known as Great Burnet, are tall, upright plants. The flowers are actually clusters of many tiny flowers, which are organised into rounded buttons, upright plumes or catkin-like tassels, depending on the variety. They come in an array of colours such as green, blue and a beautiful deep pink/purple.

One of my favourite things about this flower is that the smaller fluffy heads float around a bouquet while the larger forms hang down like tails, giving interest, depth and texture to any arrangement.


Now, I’m not talking about your garage forecourt/supermarket standard chrysanthemums, I’m talking about something bigger, brighter, and bolder.

The Feugo chrysanthemum is at its best at this time of year and has luxuriously warm tones for instant autumnal vibes. Its golden underside unfurls into a fiery red, making a dramatic statement in any floral look. While the Avignon chrysanthemum has long, delicate, pale pink petals in voluminous bloom on a single stem. They add gorgeous texture and volume to any display.

The Brownie variety of chrysanthemum are a subtle, deeper shade of aged pink. They are wonderful in modern colour palettes, adding chic interest to a bouquet to make a style statement in any home. The variety of colours and large statement heads is what makes the chrysanthemum so special at this time of year.


They of these beauties will be making an appearance in many of the arrangements, bouquets and designs that we will be creating in the shop as we welcome in the new season with all its richness and warmth. Grab your own little piece of Autumn by ordering a Florist Choice hand-tied bouquet and celebrate all that Autumn has to offer.

Seasonal Blooms for Autumn