8 Floral-Inspired Spring-Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Home this Season

Spring is such a beautiful season. As the flowers emerge, we naturally begin to get excited for the warmer weather ahead! Spring signifies a season of change and for many, it’s a super chance to have a sort out and do some cleaning! The seasonal spring clean is synonymous with letting out the old and welcoming in the new! If you’re keen to add some floral flair to your home this springtime, then why not check out our fantastic floral inspired spring-cleaning tips that guarantee to add some floral gorgeousness into every nook and cranny!

  1. Embrace Natural Cleaning Solutions

Ditch the synthetic chemicals and instead opt for spring-cleaning solutions infused with natural floral flair! Not only will they smell great, but you’ll also be doing the planet a favour too!

You can make a simple botanical spray by steeping rose petals or lavender in hot water, straining, mixing with white vinegar and a favourite essential oil, before transferring to a spray bottle for an aromatic and effective natural cleaning solution. Inexpensive, natural and environmentally friendly, these floral inspired solutions are the perfect way to spruce up your home and welcome in the gorgeous smells of springtime.

  1. Add Beautiful Botanical Décor to Your Home Office

Bring a botanical bijou vibe to your working space by using potted plants and delicately arranged florals as beautiful bookends or stylish paper weights. Not only are plants and florals super at boosting your mood but they look amazing too! Pop flowers in pretty vases or plants in pastel-hued pots and arrange in places that could do with a seasonal pop of colour. Air purifying plants are a perfect choice for desks as are fragrant florals that’ll create a serene and calming vibe whilst you work. Who needs caffeine eh?

  1. Floral DIY Fragrances you’ll Adore.

Nature’s most fragrant plants (think the heady hyacinth, or sweet-scented freesia) are a country mile better than a plug-in air freshener for adding a beautiful aroma to any room - and so much prettier to look at too!

You could try whipping up your own potpourri from dried flowers and herbs. To dry some sweet-smelling blooms like roses, lavender or herbs such as rosemary and sage, simply secure them by their stems and hang them upside down (out of direct sunlight).  Once dry, pop in an airtight glass jar and add other fragrant additions that suit your fancy – think clove or dried citrus peel. Leave the jar closed for a few days, then simply open and enjoy the aroma! For a top trending aromatherapy inspired wake-up like no other, try hanging some eucalyptus in the shower and breathe in the beautiful scents as the oils are activated by the steam! It’s the perfect spa-like boost to start the day.

  1. Feng Shui with Flowers

From their colour to their symbolism, flowers and plants are a positive addition to any home especially if you’re looking to add some positive feng shui too! Channelling positive energy and removing any negative vibes is what feng shui is all about, so it’s not surprising that plants and flowers play a big part in helping balance your chi!

Easily enhance the energy of your rooms with the strategic placement of plants and flowers that help to bring health, harmony and luck! The epipremnum (otherwise known as the money plant) is associated with wealth and good fortune and is best placed in your hallway or home office to welcome in financial success. Bedrooms are the perfect place for the snake plant, known for its air purifying properties and its ability to promote restful sleep. We also love the optimistic chrysanthemum for living spaces like lounges or snugs as it is said to bring joy and harmony to your home as well as looking totally chic too. Whatever vibe you’re trying to create, there’s a flower or plant to accompany it. Health, wealth and wellbeing never looked so leafy!

  1. Flower Press Your Own Pictures

Have you got a bouquet of blooms that you absolutely adore? Before the flowers begin to fade, why not preserve them by creating your own pressed flower art. Not only is flower pressing totally on trend, but the results are beautiful (and totally bespoke!). Brighten up your home with spring inspired art that is oh so pretty. Flower pressing is easy to do by simply placing flowers between heavy books or for the budding enthusiast, you can grab one of these handy flower press tools complete with card and sugar paper. Pop your pressed blooms in a frame and enjoy your artwork all season long!

  1. Welcome in New Accessories and Floral Scented Candles

Nothing says ‘springtime spruce up’ better than treating yourself (and your home) to a few new accessories. Whether it’s indulging yourself with new plant pots and vases in the latest trending colours or adding seasonal inspired floral candles and oil burners that will make your freshly cleaned home smell divine, spring is a wonderful opportunity to give your most used areas a little refresh.

We love picking beautifully crafted accessories that immediately enhance your space - like these Calico collective striker pots, that are perfect for candle lovers or flicking through exquisite coffee table books all about our fave flowers and plants. After all, spring is a chance to reflect and appreciate our surroundings as the flowers come into full bloom and the world awakens from its winter slumber.

  1. Plant-tastic Prettiness!

Plants are brilliant for bringing their mood boosting, air purifying brilliance to every corner of your home, so spring is the perfect season to add a plant (or two) to areas that need some extra va va voom.

Bathroom dwelling Boston ferns love steam and humidity and look wonderful hanging in macrame planters or overflowing at the end of bathtubs. Kitchens are brighter with the addition of the soothing aloe (perfect for any cooking burns or mishaps) or the sensational spider plant that thrives in the heat and helps remove any nasty toxins. Not only do kitchens and bathrooms look wonderful with a splash of greenery but thanks to both rooms having handy taps nearby, you won’t forget to water these beauties!

  1. Plant Care Positivity

Adding beautiful plants to your home is not only good for your environment thanks to their air purifying properties but caring for your plants is shown to be brilliant for your mental health too. From misting your orchids to taking time-out to feed and care for your plant, it’s guaranteed to give you feel-good endorphins and generate inner calm – all via plant care! We love Norfolk Natural Living Products because they are jam-packed with nutrients and natural ingredients guaranteed to help every plant thrive. Perfect to add to your daily plant care routine!

If spring has inspired you to embrace its stunning seasonal style, then why not shop online or pop in store for even more inspo? From beautiful spring flowers to positivity-inducing plants, come and discover our tops picks of the spring season that are just bursting to life.

8 Floral-Inspired Spring-Cleaning Tips to Spruce Up Your Home this Season