Top Gifts for Top Teachers

With the summer holidays and the end of term looming, you might want to start thinking about small gifts or big gestures you want to present your child’s teacher.

But it’s understandable with all the sports days, fun days, end of year performances and reports, if you’re feeling a bit uninspired and stuck for ideas. So we’d thought we’d attempt to earn a gold star with our top picks for top teachers.


  1. For the teacher that hasn’t stopped

You know the one. The teacher who is not only department lead and manages a class each day, but also champions the wellbeing initiative, runs the extra-curricular programme and is always first in line to support the PTA efforts. This teacher is well overdue a bit of me time and our self-care kit is just the ticket to let them know their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

  1. For the teacher you can’t thank enough

This is the teacher you who’s class you wish your child could stay in forever. They just get your child, has created a visible change in their development and has a good relationship with you to boot. When words just don’t seem enough, a stunning bouquet of flowers will do the speaking for you. We recommend our Brilliant Blush hand-tied, also available in a vase or as a gift set, as it’s sensational pink and peach hues symbolise gratitude and appreciation perfectly.

  1. For the teacher who has really enabled them to grow

Whether through their patience, one-to-one time or their alternative approach, this teacher is the one that has brought your child on leaps and bounds. The one that hasn’t just enabled them to spread their wings and fly, but to lift their head higher and soar! We think plants make a great gift for teachers, especially harder-to-buy-for male staff, as they not only can be displayed in the classroom but they are symbolic of the growth they have nurtured in your child. Check our range online, all of which can be finished off with a Calico Collective pot.

  1. For the teacher who’s gone above and beyond

Teaching is such an admirable profession and certainly one you have to love (remember lock down anyone?!?), but those individuals who go that extra mile when they don’t need to, really need to be applauded. Whether it’s specific interventions for your child, out of hours emails, individualised resource lists or supporting you and your family with issues at home, these teachers are real gems that deserve recognition. Our Showstopper designs will certainly deliver the impact you’re after. Choose from the Pure Showstopper or the original Showstopper, both bulging with seasonal and seriously impressive blooms.


  1. For the teacher who’s the unsung hero

This could be the Head, the Deputy, the SENDCo, the teaching assistant or Early Years Lead. These are the ones who are often overlooked when it comes to end of term gifts because of the focus on the classroom staff. But they play a crucial role in your child’s experience at school and if one or two of them have stood out this year, a gesture of thanks – big or small – will really mean a lot. Consider a Posy Gift Set as a sweet thank-you, one of our scented Old Man and Magpie candles or Love Cocoa chocolate bars or opt for the unassuming lisianthus in our Manchester Cotton bouquet if you want to make more of a statement. This glorious hand-tied bouquet is also popular with men due to it’s strong ties with the city and the more masculine cotton flower.

Still undecided? Opt for gift vouchers! A popular choice amongst the WhatsApp parent groups, this is a great option for anyone clubbing together as the lucky teacher can choose her favourite flowers, blooms to suit her home interior or plants to help liven up the classroom.

If you need some help with decisions or delivery then give us a call or order online. We’ll help you find something that’s just ‘write’ x

Top Gifts for Top Teachers