A Fresh Look At The Must-Have Houseplants for 2017

With another Valentine’s Day behind us (and dare I say it…milder weather!) we’ve decided to freshen up for Spring and embrace Greenery – Colour of the Year for 2017!

There’s something refreshing about a lush green plant, in glorious shades from sapphire to emerald, lime to olive, with the occasional pop of flowering colour. Our customers seem to be drawn to our display of beautiful potted plants and on-trend geometric terrariums for occasions like housewarmings, birthdays or thank you gifts, and often, just for themselves – which I fully support! :)

A stylishly presented plant not only shows thought and attention, but can also brighten up a living and work space, giving the recipient something to tend and look after – ensuring long lasting growth for a gift that literally keeps on giving.

When it comes to indoor plants, not all potted plant gifts are the same. Unless you’re buying for someone you know has green fingers, it’s a good idea to keep things simple. The best plants to give as gifts are beautiful yet easy to take care of.

So, here’s a selection of plants we have in stock now that tick all the boxes:

Trendy Terrariums

Contemporary terrariums, with their modern geometric shapes in copper and gold, are certainly a fixture of the aspirational, design-led indoor gardening that thrives on Instagram and Pinterest. They are also perfect for apartment living, creating their own small ecosphere. Plants such as cacti and succulents are the go-to choices. Not only do they stay small in size, they also look great when grouped together.

Extremely easy to care for, these plants suit people who are busy, travel away a lot or are just forgetful! Cacti and succulents can survive for weeks without water, but to over-water is to kill them! Spray water every other day and they’ll stay in tip top condition.

Luxe Orchids

Delicate, exotic and big on beauty; a flowering orchid with lush, bright green leaves is a perfect gift. Orchids require some maintenance, love and attention, so are great for someone who might be looking for a green fingered hobby. But you don’t need to be Alan Titchmarsh – there’s plenty simple tips online, like this on from Plantgasm, that will keep orchids blossoming and re-flowering year after year.

Bountiful Hydrangea

If you like a burst of colour in your plants, then take a look at Hydrangea. With clusters of colourful flowers and big, dramatic leaves, they are having a ‘moment’ with the current trend for over-sized bouquets. It certainly delivers a lot of bloom for your buck, with plenty of volume and texture; great as a table centrepiece or hallway welcome.  

Scented Hyacinths

Scent plays a big part in choosing a plant, especially during the baron, winter months! If you’re looking for something to brighten the home then a pre-planted pot of scented hyacinths, ready to burst into flower, couldn’t be more perfect. Set in a green, mossy bed, the bulbs with their long, verdant leaves, are a sign of Spring to come. Once they start to blossom they have a beautiful, sweet fragrance, with heavy spikes of highly-scented, waxy bell-shaped flowers. Simply place them in a cool well-lit area and keep the compost moist. 

Glorious Jasmine

Put down the room spray, Jasmine is all about filling your home with natural scent. Jasminum polyanthum, the variety most commonly used when growing jasmine indoors, has a sweet aroma that’s particularly fragrant at night. The scented flowers can last for many weeks due to the sheer number of blooms it produces. Just place it in bright light with some direct sun if possible and keep the soil moist.

Jasmine is also thought to have health benefits too. Studies have shown that the vapour from Jasmine can lead to a more restful sleep. So, keeping a Jasmine plant by your bed can induce a state of tranquillity that will help prepare for a good night’s sleep; making it the ideal gift for someone who needs sweet dreams.

I hope this has given you some inspiration. You can take a look at our Orchid selection online or pop into the shop to see our full range of plants, containers and pots.



A Fresh Look At The Must-Have Houseplants for 2017