TLC for your beautiful bouquet

If you’ve been on the receiving end of a stunning bouquet, or perhaps you’ve indulged and invested in some fresh-cut flowers, then it’s important to treat them with some TLC so you can keep enjoying your bouquet for as long as possible.

Over the years I’ve come across lots of old wives’ tales and pro-floristry tips to make sure freshly-cut flowers stay beautiful for longer, and today, I’m giving some of these secrets away.

While in my care, the flowers at the Flower Lounge are treated like floral royalty, they’re pruned, fed, watered and kept out of direct sunlight so they look their best. And now, by following my step-by-step guide you can keep your bouquet fresher for even longer…


Step One – trim the stems

Even though we cut the stems as part of our preparation, we’d always recommend you re-cut 1-inch to 2-inches from the end at a sharp angle (the angle makes a larger surface from which your flowers can drink). Make sure you have a sharp knife, scissors or, even better, secateurs, so you don’t squish the cells at the end of the stem, preventing them from taking up water.

Step Two – remove excess leaves

Remove any leaves that may fall below the water line. These leaves rot quickly and can spread bacteria to other healthy parts of the flower.

Step Three – snip down the middle

Snip vertically through the middle of each stem of each flower. This maximises the amount of water a flower absorbs.

Step Four – flower food

Each Flower Lounge bouquet comes with flower food. Make sure you use it! Flower food minimises the growth of bacteria in the water and provides nourishment.

Step Five – water

I recommend changing the water in your vase every three to four days. Old water will become polluted and filled with bacteria, this will hasten the dreaded wilt of your flowers. And remember to add more flower food each time you change your water.

*top tip – bouquets thrive in room temperature water!

Step Six – placement

Keep your bouquet away from your fruit bowl which releases ethylene gas, this is sure to shorten the life of your flowers.

Step Seven – light

Avoid placing your bouquet in direct sunlight and make sure the ambient temperature of the room is cool…that means keeping it away from radiators and fires!  

Step Eight – no two flowers are the same

Different flowers have varying staying powers, if you notice a flower beginning to wilt, make sure you remove that stem to avoid it infecting the rest of your bouquet.


By following these simple, tried and tested methods you can really maximise the life of your bouquet and delight in its flowers and scent for as long as possible.



TLC for your beautiful bouquet