Easter Styling Tips with Northern Styling

As an Easter treat, we’ve teamed up with the uber-talented Jo from Northern Styling to create some swoon-worthy inspiration for how you can use flowers in your interiors this Easter. We hope to show you just how easy it is to incorporate some floral loveliness into your home, ready to welcome your guests and the new season.

Less is More

The key to understated chic is not trying to hard. Think Scandinavian minimalism with a small scattering of flowers in mismatched vases of the same colour palette. Jo’s example here uses classic French white tulips, their elegant stems perfectly in proportion with the narrow openings of the ceramic vases, the colours of which contrast or compliment perfectly with the pure white of the flower. All these gorgeous blooms tulips and the rustic vases are available in our store now.

A cost-effective and super stylish alternative to vases are recycled glass jars. In the example above Jo has embraced the trend for dried flowers by using dried lavender. The dark colours are a wonderful contrast to the transparency of the glass and the white tulips. We also love the grape hyacinths (muscari) on the windowsill. Such a pretty, delicate plant that screams spring.

Easter flowers and styling tips

Break the Palette

There’s no need to use traditional, Easter colours of pale pinks and blues. Keep it stylish with an alternative palette of dusky pinks and marigold yellows. Jo’s example makes the most of the beautiful spring flowers in season, by combining dreamy, feathery Browny Frilled pale pink tulips, with gloriously, golden ranunculus.

Easter flowers and styling tips

An Alternative Centre Piece

Instead of a traditional, large centrepiece in the middle of your table, try a trick we utilise for many of our wedding clients by creating smaller, contrasting displays that line the centre of your table. This way, everybody can talk to each other without any obstruction, and each of the beautiful blooms you use has their own moment in the limelight rather than being lost in the crowd.

We’ve created a stunning spring display using butterfly white ranunculus, French white and browny frilled tulips with our vibrant, scene stealing, golden ranunculus. Each of the vases is slightly different in colour, texture and proportion to create interest and continue the Scandi theme and all are available to buy in the shop.

Easter flowers and styling tips

Unexpected Touches

Add some humour, whimsy and wit to your Easter décor and make like an interiors magazine by making your arrangements unexpected and exciting. Take a look at this clever handbag ‘vase’, hanging in a hallway ready to welcome guests with the gorgeous combination of creamy white and pale pink ranunculus. *Top Tip – to avoid your handbag getting ruined place them in a jar of water inside a reusable plastic bag to catch any drips.

Easter flowers and styling tips

It’s also fun to put displays in rooms you wouldn’t normally decorate but your guests are sure to visit. This beautiful, bathroom display Jo created will show off your styling prowess and make a welcoming environment for guests wherever they are in your home. Note the Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum) in the background, a bang on trend houseplant, its trailing, dark green leaves are a bold and contemporary contrast to the white porcelain in a bathroom.

Thank you so much to Jo at Northern Styling for her interior design and styling expertise! You made our blooms look blooming marvellous - what an advert for your talents!

If we’ve inspired you to have a go at your own floral styling this Easter then you need to know about my new, Just Blooms, range. As an alternative to mixed bouquets, we’re celebrating a single flower, a bouquet of simple stems of one flower variety, that you can style and arrange at home. Although, word of warning, you’ll need to follow our tips for making fresh cut flowers last longer, to get the most out of your blooms.

And if you’re looking for more DIY flower arranging tips, this blog may come in handy!

Happy Easter everyone. We hope to see you in the shop soon x


Easter Styling Tips with Northern Styling