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If lockdown has helped your dad (along with the rest of us!) cultivate a real love for their garden and plants, then Father’s Day gives you a great excuse to grow your Dad’s collection of plants or provide him with some greenery to give his home office a creative touch.

We LOVE a plant at The Flower Lounge, and our dedicated plant wall is home to some of the most unusual, architectural and covetable species.

Here’s my round up of the best plants for Dad.


This plant is perfect for a Dad who has re-discovered his garden during lockdown. Although it needs to be kept indoors, this plant can grow impressively tall and would be a real talking point when we’re allowed to receive visitors again.

It requires surprisingly little TLC, feeling at home wherever it is placed in the house and none the worse off for forgetting to water it every now and then. Yet the rewards of this plant are plain to see, it’s sturdy, noticeably regular leathery leaves that grow on branches that look a bit like feathers, making it a unique and impressive style statement.

If Dad continues to nurture the plant, it will just need re-potting into a larger container as it grows.

Cactus Planter

If your Dad has come over all zen while spending the last few months at home…yoga in the garden, clean eating and mindfulness exercises most days, then my cactus planter is a great way to bring another calming element to his home.

Cacti are great plants to have around for calmness, relaxation and intensive healing issues. Some varieties, like aloe vera also contain healing properties long used for remedying many ailments. They are also incredibly easy to look after, loving anywhere warm and light, and being watered very sparingly indeed!

Father’s Day Hamper

Go all out for Dad this year by gifting him one of my two specially created, limited edition Father’s Day hampers.

Hamper one contains an uber stylish Aralia plant in a very chic planter, perfect for adding a decorative touch to a man cave! As well as this rugged and architectural plant, it also includes a decadent and delicious tray of sweet treats from the talented Pink Cocoa including two different types of brownies, sticky toffee cake and a beautifully decorated vanilla biscuit. Yum!

My second hamper will dispel the myth that men don’t appreciate cut flowers as a gift! This hamper features my Seasonal Posy Jar, a sweet offering, created with the best flowers the season has to offer, hand-picked by me. As well as that ridiculously indulgent tray of sweet treats from Pink Cocoa.

Whichever hamper you choose, it’s the perfect way to indulge your Dad this year and let him know just how much you love him.

Calathea Planter

This beautiful houseplant is popular for its decorative leaves and easy-to-care-for attitude! It would be perfect for a Dad who wants to grow his houseplant collection, giving him another houseplant baby to care for during lockdown.

While caring for this plant isn’t onerous, (it loves indirect sunlight and hates soggy soil!), it is rewarding. Finding a spot it loves, regularly watering (but only sparingly) and a bit of gentle pruning is all it needs to flourish.


My senecio planter is an Instagram-fave…it’s just so photogenic! And it makes the perfect gift to a Dad who is having to work at home during lockdown. Not only is it interesting and beautiful to look at, like all indoor plants, it improves mood and concentration.

By placing this beauty next to his make-shift desk, the plant will absorb Dad’s carbon dioxide and turn it into pure, clean, life-empowering oxygen that is the perfect ingredient for bolstering productivity and creativity!


Or, if, like us, you know that the common misconception of men not liking to receive flowers is completely untrue, and you want to pick the perfect bunch, take a read of this blog bursting with ideas for colour combinations, which flowers to choose, and arrangements that will appeal to men.

The Flower Lounge has the perfect gift for Dad, just waiting for you to come and snap it up.

Thanks to the easing of lockdown restrictions, my beautiful shop is now back open, with one customer/household allowed in at a time for browsing and buying. I’m also still running my click/call and collect service, where you can buy your gift over the phone or online, and pop round to the shop to collect it – and if you give me a call when you arrive, I’ll even bring it out to the car for you ?? Last but not least, you can order online for home delivery, however, I’m expecting it to be busy in the lead up to Father’s Day, so to secure your delivery spot, I recommend you Order Now.

Photographs taken by the super talented Georgie Glass Photography

Discover Gifts for Dad