6 Inspirational Ways to Style Dried Flowers

Dried flowers, previously dismissed as dated and fuddy-duddy (pot pourri anyone?), have been creeping back on to the floral scene for the past year. Popping up at the coolest weddings or appearing on the Insta feed of top lifestyle influencers, they have now exploded in popularity and can be seen everywhere from hotels, to restaurants, to the high street.

Demand for dried stems from my lovely customers has gone through the roof, so much so that I’ve created a dried flowers section in my online shop! And it’s easy to see why…they look beautiful, they add texture, it’s an affordable way to festoon your entire home in flowers all year round, and it’s eco friendly (so long as your flowers are dried naturally, without bleaching!).

So, now that we all agree dried flowers are cool and chic…what should we be doing with them in our homes to maximise their beauty and make stylish statements? Here are a few ideas…


  1. Tall Vase

Large, statement vases are a stunning addition to any home. However, when it comes to filling them without looking disproportionate, fresh flowers can be a challenge. They have softer stems that tend to wilt over large vases, plus it isn’t very practical to fill, clean and refresh water in a vase that is half your height! Utilise these wonderful vases by filling them with dried pampas grass, pussy willow or dried foliage such as eucalyptus. It will bring new life to forgotten corners of your home, add interest to bland hallways, or make a welcoming style statement in entrances.

  1. Wreath

One of the great things about dried flowers, is that with the right care and attention, they can last for months if not years! Which is why they make architecturally interesting, textured and beautiful wall hangings and decorations. A classic and Scandi-chic way to do this is by creating a dried flower wreath, perfect for festooning doors or walls. Last year, I ran a ridiculously popular Dried Wreath Workshop that sold out instantly, it was so popular that I’m planning another. Watch this space for further announcements.

  1. Colour Combinations

While I love the bleached out, softer, vintage tinged colours of flowers that have been naturally dried, you can also have a LOT of fun with dried flowers by painting them fabulous colours to make bold style statements in your home. Take my exuberant, pink pampas grass, which would look fun in a girls bedroom, or moodily painted hydrangea for a gothic vibe, or perhaps rainbow coloured wheat sheaf to bring some cheer to a neutral space. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Mini Posy Jars

An affordable way to create a sense of abundance and luxury in floral designs, is to fill a series of small vases with miniature arrangements or a single statement flower and artfully place them around a room or a home. A single bunch of dried flowers can decorate an entire home. Why not take advantage of some free time in lockdown and treat yourself to my Seasonal Posy Jar, you can enjoy the beautiful, seasonal blooms, and then take on the challenge of drying the flowers yourself (simply pop over to YouTube for a tutorial!). That way the flowers will last as long as your beautiful posy jar.

  1. Framed Flowers

One for all you art lovers! You can use any frame you like to press your dried flowers into a work of art, but I think a clear glass, double sided frame with a thin black or antique gold metal trim looks modern, clean and stylish. Dried gypsophila works well, as the abundant, small flowers fill the frame or for a bolder statement, a beautifully shaped dried fern leaf would be perfect.

  1. Hanging Bunches

Reminiscent of Provencal kitchens in the South of France, what could be more rustic or beautiful than gorgeous bunches of flowers, foliage and herbs hanging down from a country kitchen. Not only do they look beautiful, they also fill the kitchen with a wonderful scent. Try using bunches of lavender, eucalyptus and marigolds for that winning combo of beautiful colour and stunning scent. Simply tie the bunches with jute string, pin to a wall or hang from an upside-down branch for a unique look.

I’d love to see how you style your dried flowers, so don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and Facebook.

6 Inspirational Ways to Style Dried Flowers