5 Flowers to Lift Your Spirits

As Manchester goes back into lockdown, and we’re faced with tougher restrictions on mixing with the ones we love, it’s more important than ever that we keep our spirits up!

It’s been my mission, throughout all the different stages of lockdown we’ve experienced, to keep the people of Didsbury and the surrounding areas smiling through the power of flowers and foliage.

And now, as we face this new challenge, I’m unveiling my big guns…the flowers with the power to alleviate stress, improve our mood, increase energy and connect us to the restorative powers of nature, simply by placing them somewhere visible in your home.

So, if you, or someone you love, needs cheering up, here are our recommendations of the blooms you should buy to turn that frown upside down ??


  1. Roses

These velvety, opulent flowers are proven to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. As symbols of love in all its different forms, they make a heartfelt gift to someone you are thinking of. Roses come in a variety of beautiful colours, which can make us happy via a process called chromotherapy, which is where different colours stimulate different emotions such as joy. Roses also have a heady scent that is regularly used by aromatherapists and perfumers as it is soothing to the nervous system.

Try our Pretty in Pink vase or gift someone our luxurious Hat Box design


  1. Lavender

Love laden lavender, so rich with scent and healing properties, is not only beautiful to look at but releases a sense of deep and restful wellbeing. Throughout history, this powerful plant has been used to reduce stress, headaches and insomnia. With the ancient Romans infusing bath water with lavender, and ancient Arabs prizing it for its essential oils. It is the perfect pick me up!


  1. Boston Fern

This gorgeous plant with its lush green fronds is an excellent tool for purifying the air around you, allowing you to enjoy the peace of mind it brings to your home. It is very easy to care for, by keeping it moist and placing it in indirect sunlight, you will encourage this graceful and arching plant to flourish in your home, bringing you happiness for months to come. Welcome one to your home here.


  1. Orchids

Beautiful, exotic orchids are often used by Feng-Shui practitioners to boost positivity in the home. Our graceful, mini orchids have the added benefit of being super cute! Often placed in bedrooms, they are excellent at absorbing carbon dioxide and then emitting oxygen specifically at night, helping you sleep better, which will make you more resilient and positive. Orchids’ mood-enhancing colours also have an upbeat effect on relationships, so positioning yours in the bedroom could create some very happy results ??


  1. Hydrangea

The hydrangea is bursting with symbolism. The flower’ voluminous beauty represents abundance and gratitude, encouraging us to take a moment to appreciate the positives in life. Depending on what colour you choose, the hydrangea's colours symbolise love, harmony and peace. Our pure, white hydrangea in a stylish planter, can be displayed in the home, bringing a welcoming happiness, before being transferred to your garden to provide years of hydrangea joy!


I truly hope that this list of mood-boosting blooms has brought some colour and beauty to your day! If you want to prolong that feeling of happiness, or pass it on to someone you know needs cheering up, head over to my online shop, where you can purchase all of these beautiful flowers and plants for contactless, local delivery. Alternatively, you can give me a call on 0161 446 2556 to discuss a specific bouquet of happiness or visit me in the shop to browse our range of fresh flowers and get your very own hit of happy.

5 Flowers to Lift Your Spirits