4 Blooming Brilliant Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

At the Flower Lounge we love being involved with wedding blooms! Flowers are such an important (and gorgeous) part of wedding styling and with such a huge variety of floral options, styles, and colours, selecting the best blooms to complement the wedding vibe you’re after is key.

After months of planning and getting your floral wedding story just right, it’s no surprise that many brides often ask us how they can preserve their wedding bouquet beyond their big day.

Preserving your wedding bouquet is such a wonderful way to get a unique and beautiful keepsake of your wedding. In fact, we can’t think of anything blooming better!

Preserving your wedding blooms is becoming more and more popular and as a result there are lots of modern, clever and creative ways to preserve your bouquet that will suit every style and taste. To show you what’s possible, I’ve put together a little round up of amazing local businesses that are experts in doing just that.


  1. DIY Dried – Simply Hang It Upside Down

I thought I’d cover the DIY option first. Simple and effective (but certainly more time consuming) this method has been used for generations to air-dry flowers. Hang your bouquet upside down by the stems (use a rubber band to keep them together) in a cool dry and preferably dark place – like the loft or a cupboard. Tie the base with a length of string and remove any excess foliage. Then it’s a case of playing the waiting game, around two weeks (or more) for the moisture to evaporate. 

If you’re keen to do this method, then make sure you do this sooner rather than later after your wedding day, to ensure the colours hold and the blooms look their best.  If you’re going straight on honeymoon after your nuptials, then be sure to delegate this post-wedding task to your chief bridesmaid or close family member before you jet off! It’s a simple and purse friendly way to make your blooms last and last!


  1. Smart Floral Art – Delicate and Oh-So-Pretty

If you want something professionally crafted that expertly captures the beauty of your bridal blooms, then Smart Floral Art is one to check out.  Katie is amazingly talented and oh-so-carefully presses your wedding blooms into stunning, totally unique pieces of artwork.

I simply adore how Katie manages to capture the delicateness of the flowers she presses. Her craftsmanship is amazing and the results really are phenomenal. These simple, exquisite pieces are wonderful and incredibly stylish additions to any room. Guaranteed to fit every style and taste.

Find out more at www.smartfloralart.co.uk


  1. Custom Botanist – Why Not Commission Your Very Own Bouquet Portrait!

If you want to preserve the memory of your flowers beyond your bridal photos but want to have something totally different, The Custom Botanist could be the perfect fit for you. 

Uber talented artist Hannah creates beautiful original hand-drawn artwork of your bridal bouquet for you to hang in your home and cherish forever. A timeless addition to any home decor and such a subtle and personal way to remember the precious time when you said your vows.

Custom Botanist is a popular choice for art lovers and not surprisingly for brides that may have left it a bit too long to preserve their actual flowers and are looking for an alternative with the same wow factor.

I’m always blown away when I see Hannah’s work.  Working from a selection of photos of your wedding bouquet, Hannah manages to create the most amazing, intricate, and beautifully drawn pieces of art. I’ve spoken with Hannah before about how she set up her business and what her creative process is. Check out my guest blog chat with her here

Find out more at https://www.thecustombotanist.com/


  1. The Ceramic Botanist - Nostalgic and Natural Impressions You’ll Love!

Maybe you’re looking for a memorable keepsake with more of a rustic charm? If so, you may find the Ceramic Botanist has a just the thing you were looking for. Louise skilfully presses flowers from your bridal bouquet into clay or plaster to create the most wonderful keepsakes from plaques, vases to wall mounted art. With the added option of including personal dates and names to the pieces these are truly bespoke and memorable additions to your home. Stylish and minimal these are totally stunning and oh so chic.

I love how versatile this option is for brides. With the style and method of pressing to create the relief, Louise can work with both fresh and dried flowers making this is a wonderfully flexible option for both fresh post wedding blooms and dried flowers you decide to preserve at a later stage.

Find out more at https://www.louisecondondesigns.co.uk/


I love how many wonderful and varied ways there are to preserve those special flowers from your big day. At the Flower Lounge we blooming love all things floral and we are always keen to advise brides and customers of new ideas and creative options that allow everyone to enjoy their blooms for as long as possible!

If you’ve got a floral query, plant predicament or simply a question about a bloom you love, pop in store or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

4 Blooming Brilliant Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet